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Eye Care

6 Foods That Cause Dark Circles
Tired of applying under eye concealer just to hide those dark circles? There are many causes of this skin problem. They are mostly caused due to lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, pigmentation, anaemic tendency and unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is ...
Six Foods That Cause Dark Circles
Exercises Improve Eyesight Naturally
Exercises To Improve Eyesight Naturally
Weak eyesight is a chronic problem these days. Earlier, people had to use spectacles after a certain age. But now, even small children need spectacles as they suffer from a poor eyesight. It is said that lack of a healthy diet ...
Remedies For Burning Eyes
People can suffer many illnesses without complaint, but not the afflictions of the eye. This is because the eyes are our windows to the world, our primary source of information. Burning eyes mean red, itchy or irritated eyes. There are many ...
Remedies For Burning Eyes
Eye Care Tips Computer Users Must Know
Eye Care Tips Computer Users Must Know
Eyes are considered as a mirror of the soul that acts as windows to the outside world. Eyes can express not only your beauty, but also your health. Our lifestyle has a great role in determining the health of the eyes. ...
Get Beautiful Thick Eyebrows: Home Remedies
All women desire good, shapely eyebrows. If your eyebrows are unmade or they are too thin/thick, they might make you look scruffy. Most women do hit the parlor regularly just to ensure that their eyebrows are tidied up and well shaped. ...
Get Beautiful Thick Eyebrows Home Remedies
Quick Fixes For Tired Eyes
Quick Fixes For Tired Eyes
Didn't have a proper sleep last night? Or you had worked too much late in the night to grab some sleep? Then the effect will be seen next morning. You will have tired and puffy eyes which will make you look ...
Remedies To Soothe Burning Eyes
Many of us suffer from burning eyes many times. Sometimes it becomes a big problem and hampers our day to day work. Sore eyes are not only painful, but also makes you look horrible. It becomes such a big problem, especially ...
Remedies Soothe Burning Eyes
Cucumber Get Rid Dark Circles
Cucumber To Get Rid Of Dark Circles
Dark circles is a common problem these days. Hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep, improper diet, stress and poor skin care are major causes of under eye dark circles. There are many ways to get rid of those dark under eye circles. ...
Contact Lenses And Eye Care
The most important body part of a human is the eyes. Our eyes are vulnerable to injury and en number of infections, especially if you are using contact lenses. There are a number of people who use contact lenses thinking that ...
Contact Lenses Keeping Eyes Healthy
Loa Loa Eye Worm
Is There A Worm In Your Eye?
When it comes to worms we perceive that it only affects our stomach. If you eat too many sweets, you get worms and then you have to take de-worming medications. However, it is not as simple as that. The fatal tapeworm ...
Contact Lens Or Glasses: Healthier Choice?
Contact lenses or glasses are usually used by people who have power in their eyes. Most people are glad to get rid of their glasses for purely cosmetic reasons. It is irritating to have a glass in front of your eyes ...
Contact Lens Or Glasses
Exercises For Eyes
Exercises n Tips For Healthy Eyes
They say eyes are mirrors to the soul. But in this fast-paced life we seldom pay attention to their well-being, even though they are one of the most essential and sensitive part of our body.

 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, it ...
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