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10 Exercises To Prevent Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer that afflicts women. Current day breast cancer cases have seen a dramatic rise, mostly owing to lifestyle and environmental changes. The question of "does exercise reduce the risk of breast cancer" has, ...
Exercises To Prevent Breast Cancer

Eight Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep At Night
8 Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep At Night
Most of us turn to yoga only for weight loss or respiratory problems. But yoga is a spiritual exercise that can do much more than giving you a slimmer waistline. There are certain yoga poses to do at night only. These ...
7 Exercises For The Perfect Body That You Can Do At Home
Getting the perfect body is everyone's desire, isn't it? Although every one of us aspires for it, it sure comes at a cost- the effort. In this article, we look at exercises that help in getting a perfect body- exercises you ...
Exercises For The Perfect Body
Yoga Exercises To Stop Snoring Today
Yoga Exercises To Stop Snoring Today
Snoring is a consistent problem that not only troubles you but also makes life difficult for your partner. That is why; you need to address your snoring problem right away. There are some exercises that can help you stop snoring. If ...
Exercises To Do At Home For Weight Loss: Video
Most self proclaimed 'weight watchers' are damn lazy when it comes to hitting the gym. And to justify our laziness, we say that we do not have time to go the gym. Well there is bad new for you, you no ...
Exercises To Do At Home For Weight Loss Video
 Exercises You Are Doing Wrong
8 Exercises That You Are Doing Wrong
Are you one of those who is apparently conscious about your health and diet? Do you make sure that you stick to your diet come what may? It’s very obvious that given this kind of an attitude towards health and diet, ...
Benefits Of Working Out On Treadmill
Treadmill is a common workout equipment used by individuals and professional fitness trainers. This is one workout equipment which can be used bu everybody irrespective of gender, age and weight. Treadmill can be used for cardio related exercises like walking, ...
Benefits Of Treadmill
Steps To Lose Thigh Fat Fast
Steps To Lose Thigh Fat Fast
Having well toned thighs is a dream that many people cherish. Women want nice thighs so that they can show them off in short dresses. However, thigh fat is very hard to lose. In fact, after belly fat, thigh fat ...
Facial Exercises To Shape Upper Lip
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have fuller and pout lips like Angelina Jolie or our very own Katrina Kaif? To have your lips like them, either you need a surgery or make up. Neither of these options are feasible for us. ...
Facial Exercises Shape Upper Lips
Yoga Poses Arthritis
Yoga Poses For Arthritis
Arthritis is a painful disease which is curable depending upon the extent to which the body has been affected. When a person is affected with arthritis, the last thing that comes in the mind is exercising. One of the best treatments ...
Exercises To Relieve Sore Muscles
You might have heard it several times that working out is good for you than sitting in your living room chair watching TV. A regular workout program can be challenging, but making time to exercise creates a well-balanced routine. Exercising ...
Exercises To Relieve Sore Muscles
Exercises Strengthen Your Back
Exercises To Strengthen Your Back
A proper back is a very big deal to ask for. Even after sitting on right postures, appropriate loading, and avoiding continuous stress etc, you may still complain of a sore lower back or aching shoulders. You might now even realise ...
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