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Emotionally Dealing Miscarriage
Emotionally Dealing With Miscarriage
About fifteen to twenty percent pregnancies end up with a miscarriage. Better you know that you are not alone and there are many people who will go through this situation. It is true that not many women will speak about this ...
Emotional Tussle: Ways To Manage It
Emotion is quite often the best thing to happen in a human being. Managing emotions is a life long application and a powerful thing to share and to practice. 1. First of all, express your emotions and deal with them. ...
Emotions Manage Express
Emotional Dependence Relationships
Emotional Parasite: Is Your Boyfriend Too Dependent?
Emotional dependence is mandatory in every relationship. The question is to what degree is it acceptable. Beyond a point emotional dependence can make a relationship emotionally abusive. Some people are like fungus; they grow on other people. That is why people ...
How To Express Emotions In A Relationship?
Most of the times couples find it difficult to express their emotions due to which relationships fail. Therefore, it is very important to express yourself for a healthy relationship as love is not about exchanging gifts but feelings! Be it expressing ...
Express Emotions Yourself
Health Anxiety 180211 Aid
Health Anxiety Can Kill
On the death anniversary of my aunt, I remember how she kept complaining about her health without any reason. She was the most beautiful woman I have even seen. After her husband's death due to Cancer, she developed a fear of ...
Pregnancy Mood Swing And Ways To Handle
Like in puberty, in pregnancy too there is immense hormonal changes which take place in a woman's body. These hormonal changes brings about bodily changes and one of the most common effects of these hormonal changes is mood swings. Mood swings ...
Pregnancy Mood Swing
Anger Management Tips
Anger Management In Some Easy Tips
Anger, is an emotion which triggers when things don't happen the way we wants it to happen. It is said that anger is a person worst weakness and can get him blind enough to destroy himself. To control emotions is difficult ...
Rules Of love For A Happy Relationship
Love is an emotion which binds this whole world and is the most beautiful feeling. To be in love and be loved, is the biggest gift of God. It is said that it's more important to stay with a person who ...
Rules Of Love
World Photography Day 2010
Celebrate The World Photography Day 2010
Photography, the beautiful way of capturing moments dates back to the year 1841, when Nicephore Niepce used a sliding wooden box camera to click pictures. Later Louis Daguerre, developed the photographic process. The process was called Daguerreotype and was announced on ...
Your Looks At Others Defines You
A new research says that the way you look at others around defines how happy and emotionally stable you actually are. This study was conducted by Peter Harms at the university of Nebraska and Simine Vazire of Washington University in St ...
Emotion Defines One
Break Friendship Easily
How To Do Away With Your Friends!
Losing a friend can be the most painful incident in your life. But there are people who crave to just do away with some people, whom they call as 'friends'. Rather than telling them on their face that you don't need ...
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