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Navratri Bommai Kolu (Dolls Display)
Navratri disperses a wide spectrum of festivities expressed in diverse ways. However if one can pierce through the celebrations, one gets to know that it is the same essence revealed in good many ways. Bommai Kolu (dolls display) celebrated ...
Navratri Bommai Kolu Dolls Display

Barbie Doll Collectors
Barbie Obsession At 48
Barbie obsession takes another step forward. Meet Bettina Dorfmann from Dusseldorf, Germany who has created a record for owning a collection of 6000 Barbie dolls and has entered the Guinness world of records. While Barbie turns 50 on March ...
Hit Bernie Madoff With A Hammer
Here is your chance to take out your frustration on scammer Bernie Madoff. All you need to do is hit him on the head with a hammer at a price of $99! Launched by a toy company, the new doll ...
Bernie Madoff Dolls
Barbie Doll Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel Models As Barbie
Barbie is going to celebrate her 50th birthday, to mark the occasion, the celebrated doll is going to be modeled on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The 54- year old German leader is considered the perfect model for Barbie and will ...
'Reborn' Dolls Replace Real Babies
The latest in the toy technology are the adorable 'reborn' baby dolls. These could be the perfect answer to those women who fear childbirth due to sleepless nights and dirty nappies. ...
Reborn Dolls Newborn Babies
Obama Daughters Toy Dolls
'Obama' Inspired Dolls
Here is more of Obama news. After daddy Obama's sensational victory to the White house and Mommy Obama being termed as the latest 'fashion icon', it is time for the Obama daughter's moment of fame. ...
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