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Things That Trigger An Asthma Attack
Asthma is a common respiratory disease among both adults and kids. A recurring chronic condition is named as asthma. There are many causes of asthma like bad environment, allergies, tobacco smoke and low birth weight to name a few. Obesity and ...
Things Triggers Asthma Attack

Diseases Caused Due To Smoking
Diseases Caused Due To Smoking
Both smokers and passive smokers come under the risk of contracting a number of serious diseases. Smoking might seem cool to you in school or college, but once you start, you will find it hard to quit. Smoking leads to lifelong ...
Common Myths About HIV
There are many myths associated with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Most people don't have the right knowledge about it. People think that they can get infected with HIV even if they spend time with other HIV positive people. Myths like mosquito ...
Common Myths About Hiv
Child Common Diseases
5 Most Common Diseases In Children
Having a child and bringing them up can be one of the most wonderful experiences ever. But, when your child falls sick then there can be nothing worse than that. Many times when you are alone at home you get confused ...
The Health Hazards Of A Pot Belly
Do you think that your pot belly only makes you look older than you are? Think again, you are missing the main implications of having a huge inflated belly. Most of us complain that we are unable to do anything for ...
Pot Belly Health Hazards
Colour Blind Types
What It Means To Be Colour Blind..
Colour blind is a figurative term. The person who has this unfortunate disorder is not actually blind but his or her ability to distinguish between colours is diminished or absent. It is a hereditary disease that happens due to damaged genes. ...
Home Remedies For White Skin Patches
We get our complexion from a pigment called melanin and when the distribution of the melanin becomes irregular, the skin tends to become pale. The white skin patches are usually caused due to over exposure to chemicals, pollution, sun exposure and ...
White Skin Patches Home Remedies 140411 Aid
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