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World Malaria Day: Symptoms To Know
Malaria is a special kind of fever that can be life threatening.  Malaria is basically a tropical fever that affects people staying in  hot and humid places. Every year 25th April is celebrated as World  Malaria Day. On this day, the ...
World Malaria Day Symptoms To Know
Healthy Things To Do During Uti
6 Healthy Things To Do During UTI
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common condition, especially in women. You also might have experienced this at least once in your life. Even though UTI occurs both in men and women, women are considered to be more prone to ...
Foods That Are Bad For Thyroid
Thyroid is a disease which should be cared for or else it may cause major health issues. In both the type of thyroids, it is the diet which has to be controlled and looked after. One should avoid foods bad for ...
Foods Bad For Thyroid
Signs Of Breast Cancer In Men
Signs Of Breast Cancer In Men
As females have breast tissues and ducts which grow during puberty, men also have breast tissues but the development is not complete and their breasts do not develop as much as women. But the small amount of breast tissue can ...
Cancer Symptoms That Men Shouldn’t Ignore
Cancer is a disease that has very few conclusive symptoms. It is hard to say that this one particular thing is a sign of cancer. But men should not ignore these signs because if they do, it might be too late ...
Cancer Symptoms That Men Should Not Ignore
Preventing Vector Borne Diseases World Health Day Spec
World Health Day: Prevent Vector-borne Diseases
April 7th is considered as World Health Day for spreading the awareness about the importance of health and healthy living among people all around the globe. Every year it comes with a theme slogan and the whole year will be ...
Best Home Remedies For Tonsilitis
Tonsils help in fighting infections in your body. They are almond shaped and are located at the back of your mouth, along the sides of your throat. They are important to maintain the immunity of your body. They help in fighting ...
Home Remedies For Tonsilitis
Is The Chicken Pox Vaccine Really Necessary
Is The Chicken Pox Vaccine Really Necessary?
The onset of summer is ideal for the deadly chicken pox to rear its ugly head. You may have realised that chicken pox vaccine is given routinely these days. If you were born somewhere in the 80s or before, you remember ...
Ways To Fight Tuberculosis: World TB Day Special
World Tuberculosis Day falls on March 24. This day is set aside to create awareness about tuberculosis, which is considered a global epidemic now. In the third world, tuberculosis is one of the major reasons for death. The World Tuberculosis Day ...
Ways To Fight Tuberculosis World Tb Day Special
Signs Of Tuberculosis World Tb Day Special
Signs Of Tuberculosis: World TB Day Spcl
At one point of time, tuberculosis was considered a deadly killer disease. Many people died of TB pandemic especially in India. However, today we have the modern medicines to cure tuberculosis. So the dread of TB is gone. Yet, it is ...
Diet Tips For Thyroid Patients
Thyroid, the gland that allows your body to use up the energy at a required rate, makes proteins necessary for the body, and regulates the hormones needed for your body. This gland is considered to be very important to the body. ...
Diet Tips For Thyroid Patients
Body Pain During Cold Remedies
Remedies For Body Pain During Cold
Cold is a very tormenting illness because not does it result in runny noses and fever, but the cold also has bad body pain which sometimes becomes intolerable. Cold related body pain can be relieved using simple home made techniques ...
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