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Dining Room

8 Types Of Table Linen For Your Home
These days it is a trend to have glass tables and not cover it up at all. However, table linen is something that barely goes out of fashion. Having a dining table without a table cloth is like sleeping on a ...
Eight Types Of Table Linen For Your Table

Romantic Dinner Date Table
Romantic Dinner Date Table
#5. Romantic Dinner Date Table If you have to woo a girl, then woo her in style. The rich red and dark black of this table setting will help you get your girl. The most import stylistic element in this ...
The Kid's Party Table
#4. The Kid's Party Table When you are hosting your kid's birthday party or sleepover, you have to still set the table. But too serious or prim settings would not suit the occasion. You fall back on this bubbly plate ...
Kids Party Table
Official Dinner Table
The Official Dinner Table
#3. The Official Dinner Table When a set of esteemed guests from work tap on your door, you can try this simple and chic setting for your dinner table. The table cloth is a dewy blue that is well brought ...
Set By The Rule
#2. Set By The Rule This is a traditional way of setting the table. You have a spoon, fork and knife in your cutlery; none too expensive or extravagant. Setting the white plates one on top of the other takes ...
Set By The Rule
Table Of Rose
The Table Of The Rose
#1. The Table Of The Rose: This is a classic Victorian style of setting the plates that has been improvised a little to suit the modern dinning table. The crockery is chosen plain as compared to the extravagant silverware. The ...
Table Setting Ideas For Special Dinners
Setting the table regularly for meals may not sound to be so much fun. But sometimes to make your meal special you can use your creativity and expertise skills. Your dining table is a place where you host social dinners and ...
Table Setting Ideas
Table Runner Patterns Types Decorate Dining Table
Table Runner: Decorate Dining Table
Your dining table can be decorated with different items such as table cloth, crockery, napkins, centerpiece and a table runner. A table runner adds glow to the plain table cloth. It also highlights the centerpiece. If you want to make your ...
Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas Meal!
Decorating your house for Christmas is a great way to enhance the mood and spirit of the festive season. It is the time to enjoy a meal together with your friends and relatives. To make every meal special this Christmas, here ...
Decorate Dining Table Room Christmas
Dining Table Decor
Is There A Need To Dress A Dining Table?
It is always a tricky moment for homemakers when they are to dress dining tables. They are often confused on whether to decorate the table with cloth or exhibit its beauty without the additions. Some dining tables made of wood and ...
Dining Cum Pooja Room: Traditional Decor Ideas
It is not very difficult to get the ancient south indian tradition to your dining cum pooja room. Some simple ideas of traditional decor will help you get a royal look without much expense. Take a look at our simple dining ...
Traditional Decor Dining Cum Pooja Room
Dining Table Decorations Flowers 100511 Aid
Dining Table Decorations With Flowers
Your dining room decorations can be called complete if only your centre table is set. Although there are various ways of decorating dining tables such as with food, table cloth and cutlery, there are also many other ways which can make ...
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