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Diet Tips

Summer Fruits To Help You Lose Weight
Wondering whether summer will play havoc with your weight loss? No worries, for there are some fruits that will help you cut that extra flab. Losing weight during summer is a lot more better than other seasons as you tend to ...
Summer Fruits To Help You Lose Weight
Healthy Diet Lessons
Healthy Diet Lessons To Shed Weight
We all think that going on a diet is the best way to shed some pounds. Dieting is not easy as the body needs nutrients and proteins and if the daily supplement of these are not proper, you can become prone ...
Did You Take The Diet Exam?
Going on a diet is very easy. But, maintaining it is very difficult. Very few dieters end up successfully in implementing their diet chart. Urges and cravings plus lack of passion can be reasons behind going 'off' a diet. Have ...
Take Diet Exam
Lose Pound Week
Easy Steps To Lose A Pound Per Week
There are many effective ways of losing weight. But, most of us want to lose weight fast without taking much pain. And moreover if you have any ceremony in the upcoming few weeks then there is all the more pressure to ...
Green Chillies To Burn Body Fat
Green chillies: The spicy peppers can make you lose those extra pounds without hitting the gym. They are low in fat and burn calories. Green chillies are spicy and when you eat it, you tend to sweat a lot. The spicy ...
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part 6
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part 5
Lose Weight With Curry Leaves
Curry leaves: The leaves are widely used to add flavour in the Southern India to make sabzis, curries, rasam and sambhar. Also known as Murraya koenigii, the herb can be effectively used to lose weight. The leaves are a herbal remedy ...
Buttermilk: Indian Drink To Lose Weight
Buttermilk: This is a staple drink that is offered with a meal. Made with beaten yogurt and water, you can have a glass of buttermilk to lose weight. Prefer low-fat yogurt to make buttermilk. When compared to a glass of milk, ...
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part 4
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part 3
Mustard Oil To Lose Weight
Mustard oil: The essence of mustard oil makes dry sabzis more yummy and finger-licking. Did you know that this mustard oil can aid weight loss? It might have a pleasant odour but, it has many health benefits. Getting a mustard oil ...
Garlic For Weight Loss
Garlic: You might not like the mouth odour after eating garlic but, this ingredient is used in preparing almost all the Indian curries and sabzis. Garlic is an effective fat-burning food as it contains Allicin (a compound) that helps lose weight. ...
Indian Foods Weight Loss Part 2
Indian Foods Weight Loss
Indian Foods To Aid Weight Loss
Indian cuisine is known for its spices that add a different flavour to the dish. Many dieters avoid typical Indian foods as the dishes are made with excessive oil or purified butter. However, there are few Indian foods that can aid ...
Nuts like almonds, peanuts, and cashews are excellent protein rich vegetarian foods. Most of them are also rich in low saturated fats. One cup of almonds has 32 grams of protein, peanuts has 36 grams of protein and cashews have 20 ...
Vegetarian Protein Foods Part 5
Vegetarian Protein Foods Part 4
Soy And Soy Products
Soy based food products like soy milk and tofu are amazing protein foods. Soy milk has about 8 grams of protein per cup. Include this in your vegetarian meal to get regular protein supplements. Tofu is considered to be an alternative ...
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