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The Endless Maze Of Desires-Osho Story
Desires do not die with fulfillment. A short story by Osho reveals the truth.A devotee once prayed to Lord Siva devoutly for years. One day the Lord appeared before him and offered him the choice of three boons. The devotee ...
The Endless Maze Of Desires Osho Story

Is there a way for fulfilling desires? A short story from Indian tradition reveals the truth.A lady named Chandramani who struggled to make both ends meet with the meager earnings of her husband, at the verge of losing hope approached a ...
Needs And Wants Of Humans
The very nature of the mind is to be dissatisfied, not be contented, and not be in the present moment. The mind can only exist either in the past or the future because you cannot have thoughts in the present moment. ...
Needs Wants Human
Move Beyond Wants Desires Inner Being
Moving Beyond Our Wants!
Why are you running after one thing or another? Let me tell you that you are running away from yourself, your inner being, when you do that. Running after desires, pursuing possessions and acquisitions, and the relentless chase of things that ...
Experience life every moment!
Two friends met in the street. One man looked sad. The other man asked, ‘What happened? It looks like your whole world has come to an end!’The first man replied, ‘Three weeks ago, an uncle died and left me a million ...
Experience Life Ever Living Presence
Unending Desires Happiness Source Heart
Darkness At Noon-Part IX
TimeIf one finds the time to reflect on the course of his life, he would discover many facts about himself.  True, there are various possibilities, various permutations and combinations of what each individual would discover. However, one can venture a few ...
Darkness At Noon-Part VI
Continued From Part VSo what? One is so much used to the grind that he seems ready to say 'So What?" All this is said to stress what needs to be stressed, that if one"s life is geared to ...
Self Enquiry Silent Mind New Vistas
Self Enquiry Mind Desire Birth
Darkness At Noon-Part V
Continued From Part IV The Potential VolcanoIn all Metropolitan cities, the pollution levels are excessive by any standard.  But not withstanding the density of this pollution, it is measurable.  To this extent, it is controllable.  Unfortunately...
Selfless Actions
One must perform one's duties, not for the sake of sensuous pleasure, but out of devotion to God. The scriptures as well as experience indicate that desire is at the root of all action. No desires, no action. If one has ...
Selfless Actions Tranquil Mind Desire Free
Kural 370
Thirukkural-On Virtue-Elimination Of Desire-Kural 370
Aaraa iyarkai avaaneeppin annilaiyePeraa iyarkai tharumIf desire, which is by nature a bottomless pit, be eliminated,It will, in turn, naturally bring about lasting happiness.For all the sorrow in the world, there is only one root cause and that is desire. ...
Thirukkural-On Virtue-Elimination Of Desire-Kural 369
Inbam idaiyaraa theendum avaavennumthunbathul thunbang kedinIf the sorrow of all sorrows, which is desire, is destroyed,continuous happiness will ensue, even in this life.Here again is a redoubled emphasis on the idea expressed in the previous Kurals. It is not merely ...
Desire Lord Purandaradasa
Desire The Lord
"Desire to possess" when directed towards Narayana becomes the "burning spiritual anxiety of devotion for the Lord" -Swami ChinmayanandaAll our desires, be it the desires for possession or progeny, wine or wealth, name or fame, spring forth from one common desire ...
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