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Denise Baptiste

Guys Look At In Woman Relationship 030611 Aid
What Guys Look At In A Woman ?
The other day, I was walking down the street and my male friend beside me, glared at the woman who was walking past us. Looking back at him, I realized what he was looking at and inquired as to what was ...
'Types Of Women', Men Find Hard To Resist!
Women can get picky when it comes to a man and when talking about romance and relationship, 'she' chooses one whom she is comparatively the best with. On one hand, men are also choosy when 'he' finds someone attractive, well to ...
Types Women What Men Want 170511 Aid
Relationship Mother Son Special 160511 Aid
The True Relationship Of Mother & Son
In every home, one would find that daughters are their father's pet and son's are their mother's! Some may ask why is this so, the answer to these questions are always not thought of. The other day, my friend asked me ...
Benefits Of Getting Married!
' I wake up every morning to the one person I love the most in the world and it feels great to simply look at him in his eyes and feel the soft smile gliding right across his face when he ...
Marriage Benefits Reasons 110511 Aid
Royal Wedding Dress Kate Middleton 290411 Aid
Kate's Royal Wedding Dress - Such An Awe!
London came to a standstill, this afternoon as the D-day arrived where Kate Middleton finally said 'I DO' to the man of her dreams, Prince William! It is indeed, every girl's wish, to walk down the aisle to the altar, ...
Age Difference Important Relationship 260411 Aid
Does Age Gap Matter?
Age Difference in a relationship, is it important? Is it one of the basic questions youngsters ask themselves before they commit to another person?In today's world, youngsters are not worried about that age difference for according to them, 'its just ...
Eat Outs On 'MG Road' - Bangalore!
Mahatma Gandhi Road or MG Road, is the best location to hang out, especially when it comes to youngsters. This is one place in Bangalore City that is known for their well known eatery junctions and shopping centers.Bangaloreans love ...
Eat Outs Bangalore City Mg Road 260411 Aid
Shopping Places Bangalore City 200411 Aid
Shop At These Best Places In Bangalore!
<p><strong>{image-20-bangalore-shopping-200411.jpg living.oneindia.in}</strong>Bangalore is known for its rich shopping centers and the best products which are sold at all different ranges to suit all classes of people residing in ...
Men Change After Marriage, Do You Agree?
Sunny days, rosy dates and a life filled with scented aura was my every day's tale. I was in love with the man of my dreams, 'my Prince', I would coil! As days, months and years passed by in our relationship, ...
Men Change After Marriage 190411 Aid
Verbal Abusive Marriage Husband 130411 Aid
Treating A Verbal Abusive Marriage!
Love is not always a bed of roses! In many relationships today, the one thing that both the partners fear is that if their spouse will turn out to be abusive! Being with an abusive partner does not make you feel ...
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