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Dating Tips

Tips For A Blind Date
Are you looking forward to a blind date with someone who you haven’t met before? Blind dates can be quite exciting and unnerving and also be a touch chancy than a first date with a person whom you haven’t met previously. ...
Tips For A Blind Date

How To Make Your Man Feel Special After First Date
Ways To Make Your Man Feel Special After First Date
When it comes to relationship, the truth is that both men and women want similar things. But, the difference is in the way they want the other half to express it. It’s your first date and you will definitely be thinking ...
8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships
You meet someone special and you both seem to have strong chemistry brewing. You start off with a series of dates and then one day, he is just gone. You try to reach his phone, call at his place but he ...
Eight Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships
Pros Cons Of Dating Rich Man
Pros & Cons Of Dating A Rich Man
Every girl grows up with this bizarre dream that one day her 'prince charming' will come and sweep her off her feet in a dashing white horse. As centuries past by, the white horse has now turned into a black limousine. ...
12 Things To Avoid Saying On A First Date
It is the first date that decides the fate of the future relationship. First dates could be a little nervous but in the nervousness you must not lose confidence and blurt out something that can ruin the date. Some bad thins ...
Twelve Wrong Things To Say On A First Date
Rules To Date Your Friend S Sister
Rules To Date Your Friend's Sister
Hanging around with your friend, going on rafting trips or enjoying a casual movie is one thing but to date friend’s sister is another ball game altogether! Therefore, if you do find out that you have a crush on friend's sister, ...
Best Ways To Love An Emotionally Unavailable Man
Everybody dreams of a love life that is filmy and lively. The lucky ones get it! The unlucky group, on the other side, will be struggling with one or the other problems that makes the love life monotonous and bored. If ...
How To Love A Man Who Is Emotionally Unavailable
Dating A Woman With Kids
Dating A Woman With Kids: Tips
Young mothers are pretty and attractive, and they can actually make you want to woo them. You always feel that young mothers are off your terrain but seldom do you notice that you are surrounded by young mothers you would want ...
Warning Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend
When you start dating, everything about your boyfriend excites you. Love is so strong that you tend to forget the bad things about your boyfriend. However, you only come to see the true colours when you two spend some time together. ...
Warning Signs Bad Boyfriend
Seven Easy Ways To Give Space In Relationships
7 Easy Ways To Give Space In Relationships
Many people think that giving space is like building a gap in the relationship. However, space is required by every individual in a relationship to grow, find themselves and exercise diversity. A lot of couples complain that they do not get ...
Habits That Ruin Romance In Relationship
There are many couples who complain about the romance fading away in their relationship. While some blame on the stress, a lot of people think that staying in a relationship for a long time brings boredom which in turn affects the ...
Habits That Ruin Romance In Relationship
Ways Become Most Romantic Boyfriend
7 Easy Ways To Become The Most Romantic Boyfriend
Every woman often complains that her boyfriend is not romantic and does not express himself. Although the man tries his best to impress his lady love and win her heart, he often fails and is called, unromantic. This is because he ...
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