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Seven Reasons To Take Up Cycling
Cycling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay fit and healthy. Apart from its environment friendly features, there many other interesting health benefits of cycling. World Health Organization has suggested cycling as one of the most sustainable physical ...
Seven Reasons To Take Up Cycling

Naked Bikers Draw Attention!
The annual bike ride had naked riders on the street that grabbed the attention of motorists!The event is arranged in cities through out the world not only to bring about awareness in the environmental advantages of cycling but also for the ...
The Story Of An Unluckiest Motorist
It is about John Child, a British motorist who had to go through five car crashes, three hit-and-runs and a struck by a bus while cycling. In the last ten years, Child had been in ten accidents and he had to ...
Story Unluckiest Motorist
Russel Crowe's High Tech Gift For Elizabeth Banks
Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has a macho style in all his activities. No wonder that he has presented the co-star Elizabeth Banks with a high tech gift. She shared his passion for cycling with Elizabeth Banks with a 21 gear high ...
Exercise Keeps The Heart Healthy
Researchers from McMaster University have found that short bursts of high intensity sprints, known to benefit muscle and improve exercise performance, also have a beneficial effect on the heart.<br/><br/> Led by kinesiology doctoral student Mark Rakobowchuk, the study showed that this ...
Exercise Cycling Healthy Heart
Jogging In Middle Age Can Delay Ageing
London : Taking regular aerobic exercise could stop the biological clock and delay ageing by up to 12 years, researchers have claimed. Keeping fit by jogging or cycling through middle age and beyond slows and even reverses the decline in muscle ...
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