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Nasty Things We Do When In Love
When it comes to love, there are certain things that couples do together which might sound grose to the third person. When you are in love, nothing is different from each other. You make sure that everything the two of you ...
Nasty Things We Do When In Love
Twelve Physical Things To Share With Your Partner
12 Physical Things To Share With Your Partner
Did you know that when you get into a relationship all the things which the two of you share become one. But, according to a handful of modern couples, they feel it is not necessary! Couples who have been in love ...
Go Green This Valentine's Day
It is that time of the year when you will see a lot of red hearts and red roses in the city. You will also catch a glimpse of couples not letting go of each other's hands. The day of love, ...
Green Valentines Day Gifts For Him And Her
Top 5 Myths That Can Ruin Your Relationship
Top 5 Myths That Can Ruin Your Relationship
Relationships are not always happy and smooth. Every relationship has troubles, but many of these problems are caused because of certain myths. There are many myths which people believe in blindly. These myths cause misunderstandings among partners and ruin relationships a...
Top 4 Things A Player Never Does
It is clearly unfair to categorise players and stereotype their traits and personalities because not all players are the same, though there are certain ground rules that they hold base of. Therefore, there are certain things that would never find a ...
Five Things A Player Never Does
Ten Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Girl
10 Signs You're Dating The Wrong Girl
Signs you are dating the wrong girl will help you find your right partner. To know the signs you are dating the wrong woman can help you get out of a bad relationship. Find out what are the signs you are ...
5 Best Way To Mend A Broken Heart
One of the most difficult things any person can endure is that of broken heart. More so if you were not the one who saw it coming. Each one us finds our own ways to mend a broken heart. Some even ...
Five Best Ways To Mend Broken Heart
Finding A Good Husband
Finding A Good Husband: Tips
Marriage is a dream for every woman! Every girl has dreams about her prince charming and she hopes that her future husband will be just like her dream prince. You may be dreaming of a rich man or a stunning, handsome ...
Do Guys Like Tomboys?
With time, the traditional gender bias has taken a back seat. Guys are no longer interested in having an arm candy around them or a girl who is just interested in noting the number of shoes she has in her closet. ...
Do Guys Like Tomboys
Five Signs Of Good Man
5 Signs Of A Good Man
Got a new profile of a new guy? Seems interesting, does it? But you are not really sure if he is a good guy. You want to meet him anyway but, you are not sure how to know if he is ...
Top 9 Embarrassing Things Boyfriends Do
Romantic relationships are part of everyone's life. Even from an early age, the desire to find a soulmate is strong in almost everyone. Girls especially dream of happily ever after whereas boys tend to be more practical in their approach to ...
Top Nine Embarrassing Things Boyfriends Do
Things To Do After Breakup
Things To Do After A Breakup
Going through a breakup is one of the hardest things you have to face in life. Nothing can describe in words the feeling of a breakup. One goes through a bag of mixed feelings. If you are going through a ...
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