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How Love Makes You Feel Stupid
How Love Makes You Feel Stupid
When you are in love and sitting on cloud nine, there are certain things love makes you want to do. They say crazy, stupid love will go to an extent of even driving you insane! Many couples who are in love ...
Why it is important for women to marry mama's boys?
Marriage is an important decision, and even more important is the man you are planning to get married to. You don’t want to make a wrong decision and regret it for the entire life. You may want to think about it ...
Why It Is Important For Women To Marry Mama S Boys
Tips To Keep Relationship Fresh And Exciting
Best Tips To Keep A Relationship Fresh & Exciting
When you are in a relationship for a long time, you tend to get bored with your partner. This happens when the two of you don't try to keep it fresh and exciting. No doubt, time and stress will take a ...
Reasons Why Communication Fails In Relationships
With busy schedules and erratic work timings, couples hardly get to spend time with each other. Many relationships fail because couples get so bogged down with their professional life that there is no time left for their significant other. Even ...
Reasons Why Communication Fails In Relationships
Twelve Things Your Bf Doesnt Understand
12 Things Your BF Doesn't Understand
There are many times when the woman in a relationship feels she is not with the right one. According to the ladies, they expect their man to understand exactly how they are feeling and compromise with the situation. But men just ...
12 Ways to Control A Lustful Relationship
If you are new to your relationship, you should make sure that it is not only about getting into each other's pants. Being in a relationship should be more than that. Today, there are a lot of couples who are in ...
Twelve Ways To Control A Lustful Relationship
Ten Reasons Why Opposites Attract
10 Reasons Why Opposites Attract
You come across different kinds of people in a relationship. There are many who believe in the term 'opposites attract' and simultaneously, there are some who say that it does not exist at all. However, with the increasing number of couples ...
12 Ways To Remind Your Boyfriend That You Love Him
It does not take too much time to show and remind your boyfriend that you love him. However, the cute ways you put into use to show your man the love you have for him, counts. There are a variety of ...
Twelve Ways To Remind Your Boyfriend You Love Him
Ten Biggest Online Dating Lies
10 Biggest Online Dating Lies
Online dating has become a fad these days and many are trying it out for the fun of it. If you are into online dating, you should be aware that there are many men looking to trap women with some of ...
Reasons Why Having A Dog Helps You Score Chicks
Ever wondered if your dog can help you in scoring chicks? Going by those numerous advertisements on television, it certainly is any man's guess that a dog can aid in the rather elusive task of scoring chicks. In fact, speaking of ...
Reasons Why Having A Dog Helps You Score Chicks
Things That Happen When Your Man Controls You
Things That Happen When Your Man Controls You
Does your man control your life in the relationship? Does he make you keep aside your personal life only to make him happy? If yes, you are giving in too much into the relationship, which is going to leave you hurt ...
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