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What Contraception To Use During Lactation?
Most women have this question about using contraception during lactation. Breastfeeding leads to many changes in your reproductive cycle. Many women do not get their menstrual cycle at all while they nurse the baby. That is why they feel that breastfeeding ...
What Contraception To Use During Lactation
Birth Control Questions Answered
Common Birth Control Questions Answered!
When you watch birth control ads on television or get some advice on it from elders or doctors, you often have some questions in mind. These are some questions which you cannot ask easily as they are too personal. Often ...
7 Reasons To Use A Contraceptive Sponge
Several ways of birth control or contraception are available to us, but none are foolproof. However, you need to use birth control if you are not planning a pregnancy now. We all have our own preferences when it comes to choosing ...
Contraceptive Sponge Birth Control Method
Birth Control Pills Memory
Birth Control Pills Can Change Memory
Birth control pills have a wide range of effects on a woman's body. The new contraceptives are made with evolved progesterones. Thus these new oral contraceptives do not cause harmful impacts like weight gain or damage to the ovaries. But these ...
Facts To Surprise You On World Contraception Day
The annual multi-national survey, exploring young people's attitudes to sex and contraception, has been released to mark World Contraception Day (WCD) 2012, which takes place every year on September 26. World Contraception Day is an initiative sponsored by Bayer Health Car...
World Contraception Day 2012
Avoid Getting Pregnant Honeymoon
How To Avoid Pregnancy On Your Honeymoon?
Couples do not want to risk pregnancy in their honeymoon. Honeymoon is the time to enjoy and strengthen the bond between couples. It is the time of unrestrained love making, but this can cause a risk of unwanted pregnancy. There are ...
7 Benefits Of Pills Beyond Contraception
Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. Birth control pills are much debated and dissented upon but before you make up your mind about them, you must ensure that you know all sides of the story. The fabled ...
Pill Benefits Birth Control
Contraceptive Pill Men
Contraception Pills For Men: Do They Work?
Birth control is not only a female responsibility. Men by just wearing a condom should not feel that his job is done. Birth control methods must be adopted by men as well. If men want a happy family and want to ...
Why Women Don't Go On The Pill?
Many if not most women don't like pills when it comes to taking care of their contraceptive needs. The invention of the 'pill' was supposed to have set the women of this generation free. It was a revolution in the dynamics ...
Women Birth Control Pill
Avoid Pregnancy Vday
Ways To Avoid Pregnancy On V Day
If you are not interested in delivering a baby on Children's Day (14th November) then make sure you avoid a pregnancy on Valentine's Day (14th February). It is very easy to get carried away by emotions on the day of ...
4 Birth Control Methods For Men
Birth control is a contraception method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. There are several birth control methods for women but even men can contribute to the contraception process. Apart from vasectomy, which are the other birth control methods for men? Find out...Birth ...
Birth Control Methods Men
Second Time Pregnant
Don't Get Pregnant Second Time Too Soon!
Getting pregnant second time may not be a happy affair for all. For example, how would you like to conceive within 3 months of delivering your first child? Nightmare isn't it? To avoid such an unwanted postpartum pregnancy that can send ...
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