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Legends Of The Popular Cocktails
Booze happens to be the most desired pass time for the young people. Drinking has become the most loved way to celebrate happiness, kill boredom or to even fight depression. But whatever be the case humans invented various drinks and made ...
Legends Of The Popular Cocktails

Amazing Cocktail Recipes For Weekend
12 Amazing Cocktail Recipes For Weekend
The most awaited weekend is here. It's time to party and get refreshed. Why not have a cocktail party with snacks this weekend? Call up all your friends and chill out with some amazing drinks and snacks to go with it. ...
Jelly Bean Vodka: Easter Cocktail Recipe
A lot of people think that Easter bunny only brings candies, chocolates and cavity-inducing sweets. Easter is not just for the kids, but for adults too. While Easter bunnies deliver presents and chocolates to the kids, elders can indulge in some ...
Jelly Bean Vodka Easter Cocktail Recipe
Whiskey Cocktail Recipes For Winter
Whiskey Cocktail Recipes For Winter
During winters, we love to have some cocktails that can provide warmth to the body. Alcohol is the most preferred drink for the evenings. Alcohol not only keeps you warm in winters but also helps you to relax a little. There ...
13 Cocktail Recipes For New Year
New year is a time for celebrations and to add some more colour to these festivities we have some great cocktail recipes. Some cocktails are just meant for new year's eve. Take the bright red Bloody Mary or some sizzling fruit ...
Cocktail Recipes New Year
Fruit Punch Cocktail Recipes
2 Fruit Punch Recipes For New Year
Fruit punch is a cocktail recipe that is prepared by mixing fruit juices with alcoholic beverages. Most of the fruit punches have more than one type of fruit juice in them. The cocktail recipe is usually named after the main ingredient. ...
Worst Alcoholic Drinks
Alcohol is a stress buster for many people these days. After a hectic day, few pegs of your favourite alcoholic drink makes you feel lively and much better. To relieve stress, there are many alcohol lovers who keep experimenting new flavours. ...
Worst Tasting Alcoholic Drinks
Milk Cocktail Recipes
Two Milk Cocktail Recipes
Milk is one of the most preferred drink to stay healthy. This dairy product is rich in calcium and vitamins. To have strong bones and an active body, you are often advised by doctors and moms to have milk regularly. There ...
Kiwi Margarita: Special Holi Cocktail
Kiwi margarita is a tasty drink for any party. As holi is coming close, you would like to prepare few cocktail recipes without cannabis. Cocktails just have alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, rum, vodka, gin or tequila. You can make cocktail ...
Kiwi Margarita Recipe Holi
Aphrodisiac Cocktail Vday Recipe
Aphrodisiac Cocktail Recipe To Spice Up V Day!
Want to make this valentine's day more special? Add little spice of romance to it. There are several aphrodisiac cocktails which can get you in mood! Chocolate is a basic ingredient for any aphrodisiac dish. Here is an easy to make ...
Bizarre Cocktail Names To Try On V Day
Cocktails names can range from hilarious to sensually seductive. You name and we have it as far as popular cocktails are concerned. As V Day is approaching you might want get a head start on the funniest cocktails that are available ...
Cocktail Names Vday Popular
Blue Lagoon Cocktail Vday
Blue Lagoon Cocktail: Going Blue With Love
Blue lagoon is cocktail that is famous to get the ladies just in the right mood for a proposal. As today is proposal day and V Day is just round the corner, you can definitely try to master this cocktail recipe ...
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