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Housemaid Absent? Quick Cleaning Tips For You
As working women, we have to call in sick or ask for permission to take leave from work. However, your housemaid has no such obligation. She neither calls you to inform she is not coming nor finds it necessary to provide ...
Housemaid Absent Quick Cleaning Tips For You
Ways To Clean White Furniture
4 Best Ways To Maintain White Furniture
Although white furniture gives a classy look to the house, it is avoided by a lot of people. This is because of obvious reasons that the white furniture can attract dust and dirt easily. It is also quite tough to maintain ...
Cleaning Home After Easter: Easy Tips
Cleaning home after a celebration is more difficult than preparing for it. Ester is an occasion of merriment and party with all and everything that can make the festival memorable for you and your guests. But, once all the excitement and ...
Cleaning Home After Easter
Tips To Clean Aluminium Utensils
Tips To Clean Aluminum Utensils
You own quite a lot of metal utensils apart from the steel ware and earthen pots that keep your house complete and full. Keeping the utensils clean and giving them a long life is indeed a task. You would see that ...
7 New Uses Of Nail Polish Remover
There are a lot of household items that can be used for cleaning. For example, nail polish remover is one of the most common beauty products which is found in the cabinet of every house. It would be interesting to know ...
Seven New Uses Of Nail Polish Remover
4 Easy Ways To Clean & Maintain Bookshelves
We are always particular about where we keep the most precious things in our home. You might be imagining a locker or a wardrobe where you store jewellery. But for a book lover, his or her bookshelf is much more precious ...
5 Things That Damage Wooden Floor
A lot of people are opting for hardwood flooring. Although they come with a warranty, the hardwood flooring can get damaged very easily. Even if you try to protect them from getting scratches, you cannot look after the wooden floor 24x7. ...
Five Things That Ruin Wooden Floor
Tips To Clean Copper Vessels At Home
Tips To Clean Copper Vessels At Home
Copper vessels are widely used in Indian kitchen. You might have experienced the difficulty in cleaning those copper vessels at least once in your life. Copper vessels darken over time with constant use or simply by the exposure to air. ...
Six Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Working Moms
Kitchen cleaning tips are every woman's best friend. We all like to have a spotless kitchen. We just do not know how to get it. The kitchen gets dirty very easily because of all the oil and grease it has to ...
Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Working Moms
Household Tips And Tricks Clean Home
10 Easy Household Tips For Cleaning
There are certain tips that you can follow to have a neat and clean home. These are basically household tips that can help you have a clean home. Certain things like indentations of furniture or stands on the carpet can look ...
5 Best Ways To Keep Toilet Bowl Clean For Longer
Ask anyone what is the most grossing out household chore and the instant answer will be ‘keeping the toilet bowl clean'. No matter how hard you try, the toilet bowl stains keep coming back. If you knew how to keep the ...
Steps To Keep Toilet Bowl Clean For Longer
Caring For An Expensive Rug
Care Tips To Maintain An Expensive Rug
Rugs add beauty and splendour to your rooms. Having a rug is the best way to make your room look elegant. It is available in different textures, colours and patterns. Wool rugs are the most preferred option when decorating ...
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