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Its Easy To Train Your Child!
It is important to fulfill your child's needs but, make sure they do not take you for granted! We all know that children are natural learners and they tend to pick up things very fast considering what all is going around ...
Train Your Child Basic Values

Diabetes In Childhood
Diabetes In Childhood
What are the types of Diabetes in childhood? The types of Diabetes in childhood are the same as in adult, but the proportion of type 1 Diabetes is more in Childhood. To our surprise, we are seeing more and more ...
New Gene Causing Hair Loss
Scientists have identified a new gene which cause hair loss.  The gene called APCDDI, causes a progressive form of hair loss, beginning from childhood. This disease is known as hereditary hypotrichosis simplex. The disease is caused by a phenomenon called ...
New Gene Causing Hair Loss
Heather Mills Father Begs Reunion
Heather Mills' Father Begs To See Her After 25 Years
The former model Heather Mills' father Mark wants to reunite with her, after long 25 years. As mark has not seen her since a long time, he is begging her for a reunion. Mark is desperate to get in tough with ...
Childhood Abuse Accelerates Ageing Process
Physical or emotional abuse during childhood accelerates the body's ageing process, according to a new research.The DNA with in the cell shows the signs of ageing. One of these signs is the shortening of telomeres, that promote cellular stability. Telomeres are ...
Childhood Abuse Accelerates Ageing
Simon Cowell Angel Delight
Simon Cowell Finds Delight In Angel Delight
Simon Cowell has recently started finding delight in his favourite childhood pudding, Angel Delight. Simon Cowell takes two packets of his comfort food out of habit. He walks round with a packet of cigarettes and a packet of Angel Delight.Simon Cowell ...
Reason For Violence After Booze
Blame your genes for those violent outbursts after a few pegs. Finnish researchers found MAOA gene can help predict impulsive violent behaviour in men. ...
Violence After Booze Reason
Cascading Effect Leads Teen Violence
'Cascading Effect' Leads Teen Violence
Irrelevant social behaviour in individuals can be traced back to early childhood. Adverse experiences early in life can lead to serious violent behaviour in adolescence, says a new study. ...
Physical Exercise Smoking
Exercise May Help Pregnant Women Kick The Butt
Physical Exercise could be a useful tool in helping pregnant women to give up smoking, according to new research. Michael Ussher and colleagues from St George's, University of London conducted two pilot studies into whether physical exercise ...
Money woes turn men into 'mummy's boys'
Mounting expenses and rising education costs are turning Aussie men into 'mummy"s boys" reluctant to leave their parents" home, according to a new report released by IBISWorld. The report has found that men Down Under are more hesitant to leave the ...
Mummys Boys Adult Children
Children Depression Sleep Disorders
Depressed Kids Have More Sleep Problems
Researchers at the Center of Pediatric Sleep Disorders at the University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy, have found that children suffering from depression and anxiety disorders have more sleep problems. ...
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