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Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Chicken recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Easy and Crisp Kerala Chicken Fry Recipe
Kerala style chicken fry is something you would love to try out for lunch or dinner. It is an Indian dish that is prepared with few spices, and is deep fried in coconut oil. This is undoubtedly one of the ...
Easy And Crip Kerala Chicken Fry
Chicken Korma Recipe From Lucknow
Mouthwatering Chicken Korma From Lucknow
Chicken korma is a rather simple yet flavourful recipe that you can try at home. Lucknowi recipes or rather the cuisine of Awadh is full of flavourful dishes like the succulent Gelawati kebabs, melt-in-mouth sheekhs, biryani, kormas and so on. In ...
Easy Tandoori Chicken Recipe (Without Oven)
If you love to hog on chicken, then we are sure that tandoori chicken tops your list of favourite chicken recipes. Tandoori chicken is basically marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor oven or a normal grill oven. The meat is cooked ...
Easy Tandoori Chicken Recipe Without Oven
Irresistible Chicken Kassa Recipe
Irresistible Chicken Kassa Recipe
No matter how bad your day might have been, having a nice and spicy chicken curry can always brighten you up if you are a non vegetarian foodie. There are numerous chicken recipes in India. In every region chicken is cooked ...
Spicy Chicken Manchurian Recipe
Some Chinese recipes are so popular that they have become quintessentially Indian. You can hardly call chilli chicken or chicken manchurian a recipe that is Chinese. These recipes have been so improvised from their Chinese version that they have become Indian ...
Spicy Chicken Manchurian Recipe
Chicken Butter Masala Homemade Recipe
Chicken Butter Masala: Homemade Recipe
Some dishes are so famous that they become legendary. For example, butter chicken was invented so that the Britishers could enjoy the Indian chicken curry with having their tongues burned with spices. Similar, chicken butter masala recipe is another adaptation of ...
Kerala Style Pepper Chicken Fry Recipe
If you have the privilege to visit the God's own country, Kerala; do not forget to try out the cuisine. Kerala cuisine serves you with some of the most lip-smacking dishes that you have ever tasted. The mix of fresh coastal ...
Kerala Style Pepper Chicken Fry Recipe
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Chicken Chettinad recipe. You might have ordered this popular dish at restaurants. But have you ever thought of making Chicken Chettinad at home? Most people perceive this special Tamil recipe to ...
Quick & Easy Butter Chicken Recipe
After a long month of Shravan it is now time to indulge yourself in some non vegetarian food. Let's start with a simple yet delicious chicken recipe which you can make easily and in very less time. Butter chicken is ...
Quick And Easy Butter Chicken Recipe
Chicken Cutlet Kerala Style Recipe
Chicken Cutlet Kerala Style Recipe
Chicken cutlet is one of the easiest and most delicious snacks to prepare for the evening. However, do not think of it as a Western delicacy. We have several Indian varieties of chicken cutlets that can blow your mind. If you ...
Chicken Mushroom Soup For Monsoons
The light Monsoon showers have started disrupting our schedule. Rain interrupts our way back from work and we end up with a runny nose. The best way to deal with this seasonal cold is to try some Monsoon soup recipes. Today, ...
Chicken Monsoon Soup For Monsoons
Ramzan Recipe Murgh Badami
Ramzan Special Recipe: Murgh Badami
It's time for the Iftar dinner and we are sure you are gearing up with the preparations. To lend a hand, we have a delicious and royal recipe today for you which is known as Murgh Badami. This special chicken recipe ...
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