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Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Chicken recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Chicken Mushroom Soup For Monsoons
The light Monsoon showers have started disrupting our schedule. Rain interrupts our way back from work and we end up with a runny nose. The best way to deal with this seasonal cold is to try some Monsoon soup recipes. Today, ...
Chicken Monsoon Soup For Monsoons
Ramzan Recipe Murgh Badami
Ramzan Special Recipe: Murgh Badami
It's time for the Iftar dinner and we are sure you are gearing up with the preparations. To lend a hand, we have a delicious and royal recipe today for you which is known as Murgh Badami. This special chicken recipe ...
10 Fried Chicken Recipes For Ramzan
Chicken is an ingredient that is easy to cook with. You can cook chicken with a variety of spices and it takes on the taste of the spices perfectly. There are several styles to cook chicken but none quite as delicious ...
Ten Fried Chicken Recipes For Ramzan
Amritsari Murg Makhani Recipe Video
Amritsari Murg Makhani Recipe Video
Amritsari murg makhani is one of the staple dishes we order when we go out to eat. You must have eaten this dish at several restaurants in town. However, did you ever imagine that you could try the amritsari murg ...
Fried Chicken Recipe In 15 Minutes: Video
We all like fried chicken. However, did you ever make fried chicken in just 15 minutes? I guess not. But with our recipe of fried chicken video, you will be able to prepare this simple chicken snack in just a matter ...
Fried Chicken Recipe In Fifteen Minutes Video
Ramzan Recipe Shahi Chicken Korma
Ramzan Recipe: Shahi Chicken Korma
As the holy month of Ramzan is on progress, we are introducing you to some of the most delectable dishes which can be consumed at Iftar. To add to the list today we have a special chicken recipe from the royal ...
Ramzan Special: Khade Masale Ka Chicken
Today we have a very homely and rustic chicken recipe that you can try out for Iftar. After a long day's Ramzan fast, this unique chicken dish is sure to give your taste-buds an aromatic kick and make you crave for ...
Ramzan Special Khade Masale Ka Chicken Recipe
Yummy Chicken Recipes For Breakfast
13 Yummy Chicken Recipes For Breakfast
Some people are hardcore non-vegetarian and like to have chicken three times a day. There is no harm in being a chicken lover as long as you can have chicken in healthy ways. If you cannot imagine a meal without your ...
Murg Kali Mirch: Indian Pepper Chicken
When we say 'Pepper Chicken', most people are tempted to think that the recipe is a westernised one. However, Murg Kali Mirch has a lovely desi twang to it. That is why we are calling this recipe the Murg Kali Mirch ...
Murg Kali Mirch Indian Pepper Chicken
Delectable Murgh Malai Kebab Recipe
Delectable Murgh Malai Kebab Recipe
Don't you love the feeling of the chicken slowly melting in your mouth? Ah! What a bliss it is to eat the melt-in-mouth kebabs on a rainy afternoon. How nice it would be if you could make it in your own ...
Indian Style Chilli Chicken: Video
Chilli chicken is a dish that almost every non-vegetarian Indian has tasted more than once. It is one of our favourite exports from China. Indian style chilli chicken is not at all the same as the original Chinese version. The only ...
Indian Style Chilli Chicken Video
Recipes Fathers Day Fathers Day Fathers Day Recipes
12 Delectable Recipes To Try On Father's Day
The long awaited Father's Day is finally here. Fathers are often silent contributors in our life. We see our mothers fuss over us, clean up after us and do all that is required. Dads usually stay in the background but they ...
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