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Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Chicken recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Hot & Spicy Green Chilli Chicken Recipe
Undoubtedly, if you eat chicken then you must have tasted chilli chicken at least once in your lifetime. It's simply delicious, isn't it? But most of us have only tasted the red chilli chicken cooked in sauce and red chillies. But ...
Hot And Spicy Green Chilli Chicken Recipe
Quick Indian White Chicken Safed Murgh Recipe
Quick Indian White Chicken (Safed Murgh) Recipe
The very name of the recipe has it all! Safed Murgh, chicken in white gravy- a must try for all non vegetarian lovers. This chicken recipe is quick and easy - one you would love to grab for. This safed ...
Spicy Chicken Kolhapuri Recipe
The people of Kolhapur love their chicken with the spices. So much so that the Kolhapuri chicken curry is fiery red and is prepared with a medley of spices. This Indian chicken recipe hails from the Kolhapur district of Maharastra. ...
Spicy Chicken Kolhapuri Recipe
Malabar Style Chicken Curry Recipe
Malabar Style Chicken Curry Recipe
Have you tasted the delicacies from the God's Own Country? Kerala cuisine is known to be popular in many parts of India. That is why, Kerala recipes are very interesting to learn and try out at home. Usually, we group south ...
Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe: A Mangalorean Delicacy
Chicken ghee roast is one of the most popular delicacies down south. It is a Mangalorean delicacy. The origins of chicken ghee roast can be traced back to the small town of Kundapur, which is very close to Mangalore. Chicken ...
Chicken Ghee Roast Recipe Mangalorean Delicacy
Weekend Special Recipe French Roast Chicken
Weekend Special Recipe: French Roast Chicken
Nothing can be more refreshing than preparing and relishing roasted chicken on a weekend. Weekend is the only time when you have all the time in the world to prepare something special for yourself and your family. So, today we have ...
Healthy Chicken Salad In Indian Style Recipe
Chicken salad recipe is popular across the world. It is healthy and delicious too. This chicken in salad recipe will make you crave for more! When chicken salad is prepared in Indian style, then you just would not want to resist ...
Healthy Indian Chicken Salad Recipe
Simple Spinach Chicken Curry Recipe
Simple To Make Spinach Chicken Curry Recipe
Spinach chicken curry is a simple dish that is loaded with proteins. It is the ideal dish to make on a weekday. Spinach chicken recipe is popular in India because spinach is available in abundance here. But many choose to skip ...
Spicy Thai Chicken With Basil Recipe
The cold weather outside prompts us to have something hot and spicy. What can be a better option at this time than a smoking hot plate of spicy chicken dish? So, today we have a special Thai recipe which is ...
Spicy Thai Chicken With Basil Recipe
Indo Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken Recipe
Indo-Chinese Chilli Garlic Chicken Recipe
Chinese street food is what we all love more than the authentic dim sums and soups that we get in posh restaurants. This is because we get the mix of Indian and Chinese spices only out on the streets. This is ...
Easy and Crisp Kerala Chicken Fry Recipe
Kerala style chicken fry is something you would love to try out for lunch or dinner. It is an Indian dish that is prepared with few spices, and is deep fried in coconut oil. This is undoubtedly one of the ...
Easy And Crip Kerala Chicken Fry
Chicken Korma Recipe From Lucknow
Mouthwatering Chicken Korma From Lucknow
Lucknow chicken korma is a rather simple yet flavourful recipe that you can try at home. Lucknowi recipes or rather the cuisine of Awadh is full of flavourful dishes like the succulent Gelawati kebabs, melt-in-mouth sheekhs, biryani, kormas and so on. ...
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