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Chicken Recipes

Garlic Chicken Gravy: Recipe For Dieters
The combination of garlic and chicken is one of the continental wonders. Garlic is one of the flavours that go best with chicken. That is why garlic chicken recipes are of many types. Garlic chicken gravy recipe are especially very savoury. ...
Garlic Chicken Gravy Recipe For Dieters
Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe
Spicy Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers
Stuffed chicken has its own taste and flavour. You can stuff chicken in mushroom, roti and even bell peppers. It is a simple and tasty snack which can also be served as a side dish for a sumptuous meal. Chicken stuffed ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Usually, we do not consider chaats as healthy snacks. However, you can always make a dish healthy by using the right ingredients in it. That is why, this chicken chaat recipe, which we are discussing today, can actually be a low ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Spicy Tangy Grilled Chicken Recipe
Spicy Tangy Grilled Chicken Recipe
Nothing can be more refreshing than preparing and relishing grilled chicken on a Sunday. Sunday is the only day in the week when you have all the time in the world to prepare something special for yourself and your family. So, ...
Persian Style Chicken Curry
Here is a delightful treat for all the chicken lovers. A chicken curry from the kitchens of Persia. This Persian style chicken curry is an absolute delight for your taste-buds. The Persian style chicken curry is a delicious and simple ...
Persian Style Chicken Curry Recipe
Yummy Italian Chicken Salami Club Sandwich Recipe
Yummy Italian Chicken Salami Club Sandwich
This evening, try out this yummy and easy club sandwich. Chicken which is a juicy and tender meat is most loved by all age groups. Working mothers, who come home from work tired after a long day can now make a ...
Weekend Spcl: Pineapple Thai Chicken
Time for a sumptuous weekend meal! Today we have an exotic Thai chicken recipe for you to try. This chicken recipe is cooked along with pineapple which adds a completely different flavour to the dish. The sweet taste of pineapple makes ...
Pineapple Thai Chicken Recipe
Jeera Chicken Curry Recipe
Jeera Chicken Curry Recipe
Bored of eating the same old chicken curries? Then it's time to try something unique and delicious. Here is a completely new and unique recipe of jeera chicken curry. Jeera refers to cumin which clearly shows that cumin plays the major ...
Christmas Spcl: Spicy Moroccan Chicken Recipe
Christmas is just round the corner. While you are all gearing up with the cleaning and decorations, the grand Christmas dinner will also pop up in your mind. Getting the best recipes on the Christmas dinner table is an absolute must. ...
Christmas Special Spicy Moroccan Chicken Recipe
Karaikudi Chicken Masala Recipe
Karaikudi Chicken Masala Recipe
South Indian recipes are a great delight for those who love Indian spices. Even among the South Indian cuisine, Chettinad cuisine has its own unique place. Chettinad cuisine is popular for it's delectable non vegetarian dishes. Chettinad chicken is a famous ...
Chicken In Coriander Gravy
Fresh coriander was among one of those things which I always bought but never used it lavishly. We found a store where you get Coriander really cheap, but it comes in bundle of 3. It's kind of difficult to use all ...
Chicken In Coriander Gravy Recipe
Famous Chicken Recipes From India
Famous Chicken Recipes Of India
India is a land which houses a lot of different cultures and people. Not to mention, Indian cuisine which is greatly a part of this world too. Nowhere in the world would you find such uniqueness and such mouthwatering varieties of ...
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