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Cara Gupta Sarkar

Its Earth Day: Vouch To Save The Earth
April 22nd is observed as the Earth Day across the globe. With the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of saving the mother earth, US Senator, Gaylord Nelson first came up with the idea in 1970.To mark this day, awareness ...
Earth Day

Samsung 3d Tv Health Warnings
Samsung 3D TV With A Warning
The new Samsung 3D Television comes with an endless list of warnings for kids, teenagers, pregnant women and elders. Read the warnings carefully before you decide to buy this new futuristic television set. Children and teenagers are more ...
Five Must Haves For Fashionable Men
Talk about accessories for women and you can have an endless list, but what about men? Men can rarely boast about having a range of different accessories. The list of accessories for men could just stop at things like sunglasses, watches, ...
Men Accessories
Gestational Diabetes
Scan For Gestational Diabetes
Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy. It is not a life long disease but if not treated in the right manner, it can be dangerous for the foetus. When a woman shows symptoms of diabetes for the ...
Tired Of Dandruffs? Try These Remedies
Dandruff,a very common concern among many people are flakes of dead skin that appear on the scalp. When the skin cells on the scalp are regenerated, the dead cells fall off. For those who suffer from dandruff, the renewal ...
Dandruff Hair Care Remedies
Balloon Twisting Art
The Art Of Balloon Twisting
Remember stopping at a traffic signal to buy that animal shaped balloon and play with it till it the air squeezes out? Most of our childhood memories do have a page on balloon arts, but how many ...
Rachel Alexandra Named Horse Of The Year
Rachel Alexandra defeated Zenyatta for the 2009 Horse of the Year award. The results were announced at the 39th Annual Eclipse Awards in Beverly Hills. Out of the 232 voters who returned the ballot, Alexandra received 130 first place votes, while ...
Rachel Alexandra Horse Year Award
Longest Solar Eclipse
2010 Solar Eclipse To Go Down In History
The annual solar eclipse on January, 15 will go down in history as the longest solar eclipse of the century, the longest until, December 23, 3043.It would be visible as a partial eclipse in parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East ...
TV Commercials Give Way To Social Discriminations
Television commercials are inundated with advertisements of fairness creams, but the question is do they really have any beautifying effects? Rather, such commercials generate an urge among the young girls to have a fairer complexion, so that they are ...
Television Commercials Fairness Cream
Burgerman Bangalore
Have A Yummy Day With Burgerman
Feel like grabbing a quick bite of something delicious, while shopping? Don't worry, for now you have Burgerman at your service!Burgerman, a chain of eatery, has recently launched its first kiosk in Bangalore. To begin with it had seven outlets in ...
The Spirit Of Christmas Is In The Air!
Come winters, and the countdown for the Christmas begins. Though the Christmas parties seem to be incomplete without the plum cakes, most of you must be unaware of what goes into making it.No, it is not as easy as baking a ...
Christmas Cake Mixing
Bridal Make Up
Steal All Eyes On Your Wedding Day!
Getting married? Congratulations! With only a few weeks left for your wedding day, you are busy completing your things-to-do checklist... clothes, jewellery, trousseau, caterer and so on. But in this rush are you forgetting the most important ...
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