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How To Make Gel Candles?
Decorating home with candles is an excellent idea to add some extra zing to your home decor. They burn longer than the wax candles. The composition of jelly candles is of mineral oil and plastic polymer. This makes it a long ...
Make Gel Candles Home
Candle Stand Design Home Decor
Candle Stand Designs For A Relaxed Ambiance!
Candle improves the home decoration and also brings a warm and relaxed ambiance. Candle stands or holders are accessories to decorate and enhance the quality of these candles. Here are good ideas to decide candle designs for your home decor. Iron ...
Ultimate Luxury Candle-Most Expensive
Diamonds is a girls best friend and when it comes to gifting your lady love with the most beautiful diamonds she will be jump for joy. In the world, diamonds is expensive and a classic piece of jewelry that one can ...
Ultimate Luxury Candle Expensive
Andle Home Decor Tips
Candles For Home Decor – Tips And Suggestions
Candles are great elements to enhance the style of your home decor, the feel that you are trying to create in a space in your home for relaxation or as a backup when the electricity goes awry. These sacred wax art ...
Feng Shui- Positive Energy During Recession!
Feng Shui, literally meaning wind-water, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive energy. It also described as popular ...
Feng Shui Economic Meltdown
Spiritual Experience Instruction Vedanta
Keep The Candle Lit
One of the Brachmacharis wotking in India had been doing his Vedanta teaching work. in the field for some three or four years when he wrote to Swamiji complaining that the workers who were once helping him had ...
How To Make Your Candle Burn Longer
Candles play an inevitable role in disparate events of our lives from birthdays, romantic dinners, and festivals or just to light up the room when the power fails. But are we aware of the tips that go into making candles burn ...
Make Your Candle
Aroma Therapy in Feng Shui
Why does a sweet smell or fragrance make us feel nice and what is so romantic about a candle light dinner?<br/><br/> The underlying principle of Feng Shui is that we are intimately connected to and affected by our environments on an ...
Hit tips for your honeymoon
Your honeymoon needs to be perfect because it comes in a lifetime. It has be planned properly so that your wife feels special and pampered. A perfectly arranged honeymoon shows that the honeymoon will work out in the right way if ...
Honeymoon Tips
Your Own Inexpensive Designer Bathroom
<br/> Quickly tell me the first 10 thoughts that come to mind when you blurt out, 'bathroom.' If they include, bath, soap, shampoo......and so on, let me share with you what comes to my mind. Relaxing, romantic, aromatic, fun and lots ...
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