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5 Healthy Ways To Increase Calories
Generally, people on a weight loss regime eat less of calories. The fewer the calories, the less weight you gain. But if anyone wants to increase weight or get on a weight gain programme, then they must eat calories but in ...
Healthy Ways To Increase Calories

Calorie Count Lose Weight
The Calories That We Don't Count!
When we are on a diet, we count intake of calories constantly. Noodles 200, salad 50 and pastry, we don't even want to get there. However, there are certain calories that we forget to consider. These are the things that we ...
Burn Calories With Simple Food
Now-a-days, everybody is talking of calories and the lesser the calories the better and the aim is to burn maximum calories. Calories are taking to be the direct cause of gaining weight and thus, the sole solution to loose weight is ...
Burn Calories Food 080311 Aid
Belly Fat Health Risks 240211 Aid
Belly Fat May Risk Your Health
On Monday when I came back from office, I heard that the man who lived in the block next to ours have died due to a sudden stroke. I barely had spoken to this man but we used to smile at ...
Twinkie Diet – A Junk Food Diet
'The Twinkie Diet' is a new discovery by Dr. Mark Haub. He claims that 'Twinkie Diet' is one of the most effective ways of weight loss. The motive of introducing 'The Twinkie Diet' is to challenge the debate of junk food ...
Twinkie Diet
Gain Weight Tips
Gain Those Pounds Of Cellulite!
The buzz is always about how to reduce weight, what tips to follow, which gym to head to, what diet to start, what not to eat and what to eat. There is always a follow up on people who want ...
A Burger Which Has 1,500 Calories
Slim and beautiful, may be the two most sort after words these days but at the same time we now have a new burger which is loaded with 1,500 calories. This burger is equivalent to nearly three KFC bun-less and fried ...
Friendlys Burgermelt Calories
Liz Hurley Figure Secrets
Secrets Behind Liz Hurley's Beautiful Figure
Liz Hurley reveals that self-discipline is the secret behind her perfect figure. The actress thinks that the slimming products found in market can never fulfill the dreams of a great body. “If you take people who aren’t in show business or ...
Herbal Pill To Reduce Appetite
Craving is always the enemy of a person, who wants to keep up a good health. There a herbal supplement, which can reduce the appetite, helps. A new herbal pill which helps to reduce the appetite by fifth, can even stop ...
Herbal Pill Reducing Appetite
Junk Food Loses Popularity
Increasing Costs Lessens Junk Food Popularity
The unhealthy food and drinks including pizzas and soda loses the popularity, with their increasing costs, says the researchPublic health professionals had suggested to increase the taxes of the food high in the calories, saturated fats or added sugar. They wanted ...
Use Fatter Chips To Stay Slim
Women are more health conscious when compared to men. Here is the advice for the gals who try to cut down more calories from their diet.Eat Bigger and thicker chips if you want to stay slim, suggests the officials from the ...
Eat Chips Stay Slim
America Laziest Nation
America, World's Laziest Nation
Americans may have won the World's most beautiful nation but they have been tagged as the laziest people on the planet, according to a new survey. This survey was done on the basis of their daily internet, TV viewing habits, ...
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