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Body Pain

Top 5 Massages For Body Pain Relief
Body pain is an unfortunate side effect of our stressful modern lifestyle. Most working professionals with desk jobs develop some type of body pain by the time they are 30. You can blame the long working hours or the sitting postures ...
Body Pain Best Massage

Exercise Finger Joint Pain
Simple Exercises To Cure Finger Pain
While working, talking or sitting idle, some people have got this habit of cracking their finger joints. For such people, cracking bones is a pass time or an instant exercise to get rid of finger bone pain. Even for working professionals, ...
Home Remedies For Hip Sprains
It is nice to party and dance, but over doing might have led to serious hip sprains which needs to be treated immediately. Hip sprains can happen due to hip dislocation, injury in ligaments etc. The largest socket joint in the ...
Hip Sprains Home Remedies
Cure Finger Pain Exercise
Ease Your Finger Pain With Exercise
Finger joint pain can be due to several reasons such as nerve problem, poor blood flow, injury or arthritis. During winter, the joint pain can increase thus making finger movements more stiff and numb. To treat finger joint pain, you keep ...
Simple Neck Exercises At Work To Reduce Neck Pain
Neck pain is a common health problem of the working professionals as sitting on your desk in front of a computer for a continuous stretch of 8-10 hours is a hectic routine. Long stretch sitting often leads to back ache, neck ...
Neck Exercise Work Reduce Neck Pain
Jeeva Spa Salon Monsoon Packages
Attractive Monsoon Packages From Jeevaa Spa & Salon
The monsoon season has come as a respite from the torrid summer. It is the time to take a break from your hectic work schedule by rejuvenating and pampering yourself with monsoon body spa from Jeevaa Spa & Salon. Jeevaa spa ...
Natural Remedies For Body Ache
For those who suffer from frequent body aches here are a few natural remedies. Body pain occur due to various reasons like obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyles etc. A few important tips can relieve the ache naturally without any side ...
Body Ache Natural Remedies 250711 Aid
Arthritis Diet Food 160511 Aid
Arthritis Diet Food To Be Avoided
Arthritis is one of the common problems specially among the middle age and in women the disease is found at the time of menopause. Arthritis is joint inflammation. It is an infection which occurs in the bone joints, which leads to ...
Why Do You Get Swollen Feet?
The other day my friend came into the office and I noticed her swollen feet. I remembered recently, I have heard about this swollen feet problem among several working professionals. On asking my friend she revealed that she has been suffering ...
Swollen Feet 190311 Aid
Cervical Spondylosis Exercise 100311 Aid
Exercises For Cervical Spondylosis
The IT culture has brought with it many causes of ill-health but one of the major disease which is common among people specially after 50 is spondylitis. Spondylitis are of several types but one of the most common types is cervical ...
Do You Have Spondylitis Symptoms?
With the work culture being that of 24X7, Spondylitis has grown up to become the most common problem and specially among people within the age group of 20-30. Thanks to continuous work on computer. It is basically the inflammation of the ...
Symptoms Of Spondylitis 080311 Aid
Knee Pain Relief Remedies 010211 Aid
Knee Pain Relief Remedies
Knee pain is a common problem specially on the onset of old age. The main cause of pain is the destruction of a tissue called cartilage. Cartilage is something which coats the joints and is present between the two bones. This ...
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