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Body Odour

7 Natural Tips To Prevent Body Odour During Summer
Even though we imagine summer to be fresh and cool, it is more often very hot and humid. This would not be a problem if we had the luxury to wear cotton dresses and shorts and flip flops all the time ...
Natural Tips To Prevent Body Odour During Summer

Body Odour Pregnancy Home Remedies
Pregnancy Body Odour: Home Remedies
Countering body odour is a real challenge. During pregnancy, most of the women suffer from excessive sweating. This is a common problem which is nothing dangerous. Most of the women suffer from excessive sweating during pregnancy and spraying perfume or deodorants ...
Reduce Body Odour After Pregnancy
Pregnancy and labour will leave many changes in your lifestyle and body. While many of these changes are exciting and enjoyable, some others will make you anxious and desperate. A change in the body odour after pregnancy is one among them. ...
Reduce Body Odour After Pregnancy
Foods Reduce Excessive Sweating
Foods To Reduce Excessive Sweating
Sweating is a normal and essential process to regulate the body temperature and excrete waste through the skin. Sweating is controlled by the sweat glands. There are two types of sweat glands. The eccrine glands are those that are found all ...
How Men Can Control Body Odour?
Do you agree that men stink much more than women? It is not a gender-war statement. It has been proved scientifically that men have more pungent body odour than women. It is a well known fact that men stink primarily due ...
Body Odor Men
Sources Of Body Odour
What Causes Body Odour?
Body odour comes when the body secretes sweat. Our skin has small sweat glands that secrete excessive water from the body in the form of sweat. The sweat tastes salty as it is mixed with body salt. Amount of body sweat ...
Tips To Make A Deodorant Last Longer!
Smelling good all day long is the main motto during summers. Maintaining personal hygiene by bathing twice a day and applying perfumes or deodorants becomes the basic necessity of this hot season. Many people try making natural deodorants or perfumes at ...
Make Deodorant Last Longer
Homemade Perfume Essential Oil
Essential Oils Perfume: Smell Good In Summer!
As it is summer, the usage of perfumes and deodorants increase. To smell good and prevent body odour, you spray perfume all over your body and dress. Few people have sensitive skin and these chemical perfumes can lead to infections and ...
8 Tips To Prevent Body Odour Naturally!
Body odour is a common skin problem during summer. Even after wearing light cotton clothes or applying strong 24 hours deodorants, you can't prevent perspiration. There are many home remedies to get rid of body odour. Few people sweat more so, ...
Tips Prevent Body Odour Naturally
Body Odour During Pregnancy
Countering Body Odour During Pregnancy
One of the most embarrassing pregnancy symptom is the nauseating body odour. The odour many times is a serious turn-off to the people around. Inspite of bathing frequently and applying strong smelling lotions and perfumes, the odour cannot be suppressed all ...
6 Things To Do For Clean Underarms
Are you always tempted to wear sleeveless clothes but avoid it due to unclean underarms? It is and has been a problem for many women as cleaning underarms is so far the toughest. Waxing is extremely painful, shavers do not shave ...
Clean Underarm Whiten
Get Rid Underarms Odour
Tips To Get Rid Of Smelly Armpits!
Underarms odour can be very embarrassing. Having smelly armpits even after applying deodorants or perfumes can make you uncomfortable. Sometimes, deodorants also fail to reduce the smell of sweat from underarms. So, here are simple ways to get rid of underarms ...
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