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Body Care

Here are proper body care remedies with natural ingredients. Try out the remedies to cure body pain, and get the best ideas for the perfect body massage.
Best Homemade Hand Scrubs
As the face has dead skin cells which need to be replaced by scrubbing of the skin, hands also have dead skin cells which should be removed using a hand scrub. As all other treatments band scrub is also available in ...
Best Homemade Hand Scrubs
Ten Easy Ways To Look Fresh After Work
10 Easy Ways To Look Fresh After Work
Looking fresh after work is almost impossible. You can try and look pretty at office even if you have had a late night. But after eight hours of grinding work, how does one look pretty? It is really a tough job. ...
Ways To Remove Sun Tan From Hands
We are extra keen and careful about our skin when it is summer. Among the summer skin problems, sun tan is in the prime position. Sun tan occurs in any part of your body that is exposed to direct sunlight. Hands ...
Ways To Remove Sun Tan From Hands
Twelve Tips To Feel Fresh In Summer
12 Tips To Feel Fresh In Summer
Summer is time when you feel hot, uncomfortable and sweaty. Now, compared to winter when you your makeup stays intact from morning to evening, summers are a little difficult to manage. And if you like to stay fresh all day, then ...
Ways To Prevent Toenail Fungus
If you see yellowing nails since a long time, then do not take it lightly, it can be a symptom of toenail fungus which is left untreated can lead to health complications later. Moreover, low immune system is one of the ...
Ways To Prevent Toenail Fungus
How To Look Young After Thirty
How To Look Young After 30
Today, most people are concerned about wrinkles and facelifts, especially after the age of 30. With youth, comes health and strength, which should be valued above beauty. Youth is also a state of mind. You can stay upbeat with the passions ...
7 Top Ways To Remove Dirt From Skin Naturally
Dirt often gets accumulated on the skin gradually. Dirt build-up is most commonly seen on hidden parts of skin such as neck, joints, calves, armpits, elbows and back. The dirt build-up become stubborn with time and do not get removed from ...
Ways To Remove Dirt From Skin Naturally
Home Remedies For Prickly Heat
Home Remedies For Prickly Heat
Prickly heat is a common problem that most of the people face during summer. It is both irritating and painful. This occurs mainly when the excess sweat that accumulates in your body parts causes redness and itching. The presentation of prickly ...
Itchy Heat Skin Rashes: Remedy
Summer season brings in the most common skin problem, prickly heat rashes. These rashes are caused due to skin cell damage. Perspiration leads to skin cell damage which traps the sweat. When the sweat is trapped beneath the skin, the infection ...
Heat Skin Rashes Remedy
Body Care With Tomatoes
Body Care With Tomatoes
Tomatoes are something you will find in almost every kitchen. It is a staple ingredient in many dishes. Most of us are quite fond of this red fleshy vegetable. But, you may get astonished when you realize that these simple tomatoes ...
Excessive Underarm Sweating: Try Home Remedy
Armpit or underarm sweating can appear really embarrassing. It becomes really difficult to lift your arms up as the wet patches will be a real turn off. Moreover, the sweat odour is so strong that even the fragrance of a perfume ...
Excessive Underarm Sweating Home Remedy
Spring Body Care With Coconut Oil
Spring Body Care With Coconut Oil
As winter fades and temperatures start rising, our hearts long to slip into lighter clothes instead of heavy coats and jackets. Our feet yearn for flip-flops instead of boots. But while our spirits seem all eager and welcoming for spring season, ...
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