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5 Biggest Dangers Of Online Shopping
Online shopping has totally revolutionised the e-commerce industry. If you ask anyone the question, ‘do you shop online', the answer will be ‘yes'. Just five years back, at least 50 percent people would have said ‘no, we don't find it safe'. ...
Five Biggest Dangers Of Online Shopping
Facts About Cannibalism
Interesting Facts About Cannibalism
Cannibalism, it is the ultimate taboo in the world, after all not everyone likes the thought of eating their own kind. Eating human flesh can be a very scary thought, but how much do you think you know about it? If ...
Weird Tips For Weight Loss
People are ready to do anything and everything to lose their extra weight. We often seek medical advice, try home remedies, prefer exercise, practise yoga, follow a strict low calorie diet and what not! But, some people will make us surprised ...
Strange Things That Burn Calories
Strange Facts About Walt Disney
Strange Facts About Walt Disney
Who hasn’t loved what Walt Disney has given out to the world? Could your childhood be considered complete had the Disney cartoons and their characters not been a part of your life? Imagine not having Mickey Mouse to reign your Sunday ...
Five Things That Happen When You Go For Voting
So it is Lok Sabha election time. A lot of people are making use of their right to vote and play their role for a better India. The trend of posting selfies too has been linked to elections now. People have ...
Things Happen Voting
Seven Silliest Things Vegetarians Hear All The Time
7 Silliest Things Vegetarians Hear All The Time
Statistics say that there are several times more non vegetarians in the world than vegetarians. And thus being a vegetarian means you are in the minority. The problems of being a vegan are very unique and sometimes extremely funny. The things ...
Things We Do But Don't Admit
There are certain things that we all do on a regular basis, but would not accept it. Let me start with an example. Almost every swimmer pees in the pool, but it is one of the things that no one would ...
Things We Do But Don T Admit
Tips To Survive When You Are Broke
5 Easy Ways To Survive When You Are Broke
There is an old saying that when you are broke, beg borrow or steal. But none of these three options are easy. You obviously cannot beg unless you are begging for pocket money from your parents. You cannot borrow because you ...
Telling Signs That You Are Too Punctual
Being punctual used to be one of the virtues of good education, but not anymore. Nowadays, being fashionably late is what works for people. And if you are the only punctual person in your group, then you have to bear burden ...
Telling Signs That You Are Too Punctual
Causes Of Weird Dreams
Causes Of Weird Dreams
All human beings, other mammals and a few types of birds are able to dream in their sleep. Dreams are experiences of envisioned images, sounds and emotions while you are asleep. You cannot control what you dream, but most experts agree ...
Famous Pirated Things
Gone are the days of Captain Jack Sparrow when piracy was limited to the seas and oceans. Now, a pirate can be found way inside the mainland. The appearance has changed and so has the range of operation. In fact, the ...
 Famous Pirated Things
Why We Hate Selfies So Much
Why We Hate Selfies So Much?
You must be aware of the latest trend of everyone posting self-clicked pictures or selfies these days. Even Prince Andrew has taken a selfie! That is just how far this trend can go. These so called selfies have an irritating quality ...
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