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Beauty Products

You can look at the best ebauty products for your skin and choose the appropriate one for your skin. These beauty products are good for the skin care and helps clear your skin problems.
10 Things To Steal From Your Girlfriend
Haven’t you noticed that your girlfriend always carries a small bag along with her that is bigger for her wallet and smaller for her books? No wonder! It is not at all a matter related only with your girlfriend, but to ...
Ten Things To Steal From Your Girlfriend
Cosmetic Brands Celebrity
8 Celebs Who Endorse Cosmetic Brands
Beauty products do well when they are marketed by beautiful women. There is no scope of doubt in this marketing strategy of cosmetic brands. Most leading cosmetic brands choose the reigning divas of Bollywood to be the face of their product ...
Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Skin Products
Since unknown times beauty is a very important issue with women. Women tend to go to extreme lengths to stay and look beautiful. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic skincare products give your precious skin the loving and effortless treatment which it deserves. ...
Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Skin Products
Lavender Body Care Range Modicare
Lavender Body Care Range By Modicare
Season changes and your skin changes along with it. As we move towards the monsoon season, Modicare brings to you a range of products with Lavender extracts to keep your skin fresh & protected for that perfect radiant look. So, beat ...
CK One To Soon Launch Cosmetics
Calvin Klein always makes news for it brands, promotions or creativity. But lets remind you of the 1999 'CK One' campaign that was very unusual and groundbreaking strategy. The Ck One advertisement displayed a set of email addresses to attract teens. ...
Ck One Cosmetics Launch
Uses Petroleum Jelly Beauty Product
Multiple Uses Of Petroleum Jelly!
As it is winter, you apply petroleum jelly regularly to keep the lips soft and moisturized. To avoid getting chapped and rough lips, everyone applies petroleum jelly. Did you know there are multiple uses of petroleum jelly. You can use it ...
Top 4 Hair Serum Brands
Hair care is very important to maintain the silky and smooth touch. Using the wrong product can damage your hair and make them look brittle and rough. Always use the best brand for hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, ...
Best Hair Serum Brands
Face Wash Brands Top 5
Face Wash Brands: Our Best Picks!
As the soap contains harmful chemicals that lead to aging and dryness of skin, many skin care brands offer wonderful face wash. Today, we will list a few face wash brands that are not too pricey but have many women rate ...
Chocolate Wax For Painless Waxing!
All those who belong to the female species are well aware of the that dejavu feeling we get when a waxing trip to the parlour is due. Waxing is painful and it has become one of those customary pains in our ...
Chocolate Wax Pain Waxing
Expired Cosmetics
What To Do With The Old Expired Cosmetics?
<p><strong>{image-08-expired-cosmetics-080811.jpg living.oneindia.in}</strong>After paying such heavy prices on these branded cosmetics, we know that it becomes very difficult for anybody to discard them. But using these old and ex...
Use Glycerin For Perfect Skin Care!
Glycerin is a commonly used as an ingredient in many beauty and cosmetic products. Using glycerin helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Glycerin also helps in building the skin structure. This colourless and odourless liquid is also used in ...
Glycerin Uses For Skin
Pure Glycerin Side Effects
Pure Glycerin For Skin, Good Or Bad?
Pure glycerin is a viscous, transparent liquid that has water-binding properties. Pure glycerin helps in locking skin moisture, while allowing the pores on your skin to breathe. Due this reason, glycerin is used in many skin care cosmetics. However, before you ...
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