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Home Remedies To Cure Baldness: Tips For Men
A healthy adult is said to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. This is said to be normal and part of the process. However, if you start to notice any deviation from normal hair fall, it is ...
Home Remedies To Cure Baldness Tips For Men

Home Remedies Hair Growth Bald Spots 050411 Aid
Hair Growth On Bald Spots Now Possible
Hair loss and baldness are becoming common cause of concern these days but adding on to the cause is the occurrence of bald spots. These are areas which face sudden hair loss and hair growth in those areas stop completely or ...
Alpecin Shampoo Can Now Prevent Hair Loss
A new permanent treatment for hair loss now in a bottle. The Alpecin Shampoo promise to cure hair loss and hair fall. The secret of the Alpecin Shampoo is that it is a caffeine based shampoo. The Caffeine content plays a ...
Alpecin Shampoo Hair Loss Cure 180211 Aid
Hair Transplant Care
Hair Transplant For Balding Men
Balding is a common problem faced by men, which does not go well with regular lifestyle. Home remedies and diet may work for guys at an younger age but for men in their late 20's, it is difficult to get back ...
Take Care Of Your Bald Head
Thinking of shaving your head , getting a new look? Simultaneously wondering if its a good idea for you to maintain a hairless head, why not? Have you ever wondered that although you don't have hair on your head its ...
Bald Head Care
New Gene Causing Hair Loss
New Gene Causing Hair Loss
Scientists have identified a new gene which cause hair loss.  The gene called APCDDI, causes a progressive form of hair loss, beginning from childhood. This disease is known as hereditary hypotrichosis simplex. The disease is caused by a phenomenon called ...
Treat Before You Get Bald
Men and baldness go hand in hand. Their are many speculations and studies on this association but the actual reason has still not been confirmed. To know the reason might be important but more important is to stop yourself from being ...
Prevent Baldness
Hair Extension Hair Fall
Hair Extensions Or Hair Loss?
As the demand for hair extensions sore up, a study has revealed that women could end up paying a high price as the attachments could lead to permanent baldness. Joseph Mourad, a hair stylist, gives clients their dream hair every day, ...
John Travolta Treats Baldness
John Travolta seems to be worried about his thinning of hair and turning to hair treatments to save his strands.The 55-year-old actor was seen sporting a hairline with a suspicious-looking grid formation, normally used in hair weaving, as he ...
John Travolta Baldness Treatment
Hair Extension Baldness
Hair Extensions Leads To Baldness
Women who regularly use hair extensions have a greater risk of developing bald spots or receded hairline. Hair restoration surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo said girls as young as 25 develop bald spots trying to ape celebrity styles. Hair transplant ...
Baldness That Became More Than A Cut
What happens when your hair, defying your want, has been cut too short . Simple! You sue him. That's precisely what a man in Shanghai has done when he got bald as his hair was cut too short than asked for.And ...
Hair Cut Baldness Sued
Baldness Calculator
‘Baldness Calculator’ For Men!
Worried that you will soon become 'baldie' like your dad or uncle? Worried that age will soon catch upto you with those shedding hair strands? Here is one item that can save you from this dilemma.Men who value hair ...
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