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Ramana Maharshi's Biography-His Teachings
Continued from the previous part, Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Spiritual SayingsThe Maharshi did not encourage questions about rebirth. He would say: '”re you born now? Why do you think of other births? The fact is, there is neither birth nor death. Let him ...
Ramana Maharshi Biography His Teachings

Ramana Maharshi Biography Spiritual Sayings
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Spiritual Sayings
Continued from the previous part-Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Self EnquiryThis part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His spiritual spiritual sayings on different spiritual aspects.What the Maharshi taught was pure Advaita with stress on Brahman, the Knower or the S...
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-His Disposition
Continued from Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Mother's entreatiesThis article, Ramana Maharshi's biography, talks about His natural disposition.When a regular Ashrama came into being, life in it followed a strict routine. Everything about the Ashrama was neat and tidy. There ...
Ramana Maharshi Biography His Disposition
Ramana Maharshi Biography Ramana Mother
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Mother's Entreaties
Continued from-Ramana Maharshi's Biography-In Thiruvannamalai It was in one such temple shrine that his mother met him. Her eldest son too had accompanied her to Tiruvannamalai. Her repeated entreaties and lamentations, threats and reproaches during her stay there for seve...
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-In Thiruvannamalai
Continued from Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Departure To ArunachalaThis part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His early stages of His life in Thiruvannamalai.Venkataraman discovered on getting into the train that he had purchased ticket for a wrong station, not ver...
Ramana Maharshi Biography Thiruvannamalai
Ramana Maharshi Departure To Arunachala
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Departure To Arunachala
Continued from the previous part of Ramana Maharshi's biography-Death Experience.This part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His leaving home for Arunachala.Venkataraman's changed mode of life and indifference to studies drew forth critical remarks from his uncle a...
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Death Experience
Continued from Ramana Maharshi's biography-Early days This part of Ramana Maharshi's biography deals with His death experience.A significant event occurred in Venkataraman's life (Ramana Maharshi's biography) sometime in 1886, which changed the entire course of his life. H...
Ramana Maharshi Biography Death Experience
Ramana Maharshi Biography Early Days
Ramana Maharshi's Biography-Early Days
“They who always perceive Him as seated in the heart, Him who is the Eternal among all non-eternal things, the Consciousness among all conscious things, and He who fulfills the desires of many — to those men of discrimination belongs eternal ...
Girivalam In Thiruvannamalai-Spiritual Practice
Girivalam or Giripradikshana in Thiruvannamalai forms an integral part of the pilgrimage to this sacred town. A sleepy town with the Hill Arunachala towering over it, it attracts pilgrims and seekers from across the globe round the year, who drink from ...
Girivalam In Thiruvannamalai Spiritual
Venkateswara Sarma Astrology Self
The Science Of Astrology Or The Science Of The Self?
Astrology no doubt has a hold on many who like to know ahead their future. However it fails to allure to a person treading the spiritual path where he has to remain in the present. More so for a follower of ...
A Meera In The Modern Days-Smt.T R Kanakammal
Would it be surprising to know a devotee merging with her Master on His Jayanthi (Birthday) while circumambulating His Samadhi, in His shrine, in this modern age?Ramana was the only fascination in the life of Smt.Kanakammal. The doors of her ...
T R Kanakammal Ramana Maharshi Jayanti
Guru Grace Sundaresa Iyer
The Pull Of Grace
Being in the company of sages is indeed a great blessing. T.K.Sundaresa Iyer was one among the blessed few disciples of Ramana Maharshi who received the master's abounding Grace while in His body.Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in the supplement to “Ulladhu ...
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