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Shrimp Gumbo: An American Delicacy
Planning to prepare a prawn recipe in an American style to impress your family? Then just click to Shrimp Gumbo. The name sounds unfamiliar does it? Well, it is a popular prawn recipe from America. This American recipe comes from the ...
Shrimp Gumbo Recipe

Spicy Sweet Potato Pancakes
Spicy And Sweet Potato Pancakes
The American pancakes are quite famous and highly delicious. They are common dinner table dishes in parties and get-togethers. The pancakes can have interesting toppings like yogurt, herb garnishes etc. Today, we shall tell you how to go about with ...
Tangy Tomato Salsa For Tortillas
Tomato salsa is a super version of tomato sauce. It can be prepared fresh, has good flavour and contains many herbs. It tastes very Indian for Asians and Italian for Europeans. Tomato salsa goes well with all the frimes and fritters. ...
Tomato Salsa Recipe
Onion Rings American Appetizers
Crispy Onion Rings In The American Way!
Who can stop relishing the hot and crispy onion rings that are most common in the American food counters. They aren't very difficult to home make and even kids will love it. The onion rings are dipped in batter and deep ...
Chicken Creole: Easy Lunch Box Recipe
Chicken creole is an easy thing to put together for your lunch box because it cooks in 15 minutes and goes with almost anything. American recipes can be easily credited for their one supreme quality, they are quick as hell and ...
Chicken Creole American Recipes
Red Clover Tea Herbal Very Beneficial
Red Clover Tea – Herbal Tea Recipe
Ever tried the red clover tea that is authentically American? Red clovers are very beneficial to the body and are best to have after meal. They are estrogen supplements, slim the possibility of miscarriages. The red clover flowers are dried, powdered ...
Basic Meatloaf: Recipe For Lunch Box!
A basic meatloaf is a the most obvious recipe for an American kitchen. Cooking meatloaf needs hardly any special skills and to top it all it is quick; that makes it a great lunch box recipes. A basic meatloaf is also ...
Basic Meatloaf American Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms Crab Recipe
Easy To Make Stuffed Mushrooms With Crab!
Stuffed mushrooms are all time favorite appetizer. This American appetizer is easy to make and is a delicious dish for a party. Here is the easy to make stuffed mushrooms with crab, American appetizer recipe. Take a look.Stuffed mushrooms with crab, ...
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