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Alcoholic Beverages

Whiskey Cocktail Recipes For Winter
During winters, we love to have some cocktails that can provide warmth to the body. Alcohol is the most preferred drink for the evenings. Alcohol not only keeps you warm in winters but also helps you to relax a little. There ...
Whiskey Cocktail Recipes For Winter

Cocktail Recipes New Year
13 Cocktail Recipes For New Year
New year is a time for celebrations and to add some more colour to these festivities we have some great cocktail recipes. Some cocktails are just meant for new year's eve. Take the bright red Bloody Mary or some sizzling fruit ...
2 Fruit Punch Recipes For New Year
Fruit punch is a cocktail recipe that is prepared by mixing fruit juices with alcoholic beverages. Most of the fruit punches have more than one type of fruit juice in them. The cocktail recipe is usually named after the main ingredient. ...
Fruit Punch Cocktail Recipes
Alcohol Health Myths
5 Most Popular Myths About Alcohol
Many people are victims of some popular alcohol myths. There are actually some preconceptions about drinking alcohol. Whether it is good or bad, can women and men drink the same beverage etc are common questions that block our minds. Here are ...
5 Indian Wines You Must Try
India has a lot of wine enthusiasts and people who are knowledgeable about wine tasting. However, the wine industry in India is still at a nascent stage. Some of the best wines that are manufactured in India are neither very old ...
Best Indian Wines
Milk Cocktail Recipes
Two Milk Cocktail Recipes
Milk is one of the most preferred drink to stay healthy. This dairy product is rich in calcium and vitamins. To have strong bones and an active body, you are often advised by doctors and moms to have milk regularly. There ...
6 Cheapest Wines To Try!
Wine is expensive but, still loved by masses. Why? Because of the taste and flavor of grapes rejuvenates the mood. If you are not able to find the cheapest liquor then here are some of the inexpensive wines that you must ...
Cheapest Wines Must Try
Blue Lagoon Cocktail Vday
Blue Lagoon Cocktail: Going Blue With Love
Blue lagoon is cocktail that is famous to get the ladies just in the right mood for a proposal. As today is proposal day and V Day is just round the corner, you can definitely try to master this cocktail recipe ...
Red Raspberry Vodka Cocktail For V Day
To have a special valentine's day with your partner, you wear the best outfit and cook his/her favourite dishes. To start up your romantic meal, include a romantic cocktail to freshen up the mood. Here is the easy recipe to make ...
Raspberry Vodka Cocktail Vday Recipe
Moet Chandon Worlds Leading Champagne
Moet & Chandon Special Champagne For V-Day
Moet & Chandon, the champagne of success and glamour since 1743, is transforming champagne lovers into artists. Urban edge meets classic chic in the limited edition Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial, the most extrovert and seductive experience of the Moet &a...
Refreshing Coconut Water Cocktail With Vodka!
Coconut water keeps the body hydrated and is healthy too. This refreshing and healthy drink is also used to make cocktails. You can have coconut water with whiskey, rum, vodka or gin. Here is the easy to make cocktail recipe with ...
Coconut Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Gin Apple Juice Cocktail
Gin With Apple Juice Cocktail: Yummy Apple Martini!
You can have apple martini with any drink. Apple martini can be made with white rum, gin, vodka, rum or even whiskey! Cocktail recipes are very easy and instant. You can have a cocktail to refresh your mood and senses after ...
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