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9 Health Risks Of Drinking Alcohol
If you ask most alcohol drinkers, they don't like to admit that they are alcoholics. They consider themselves to be moderate drinkers or social drinkers. However, even for those people who are moderate alcohol drinkers, the ill-effects of alcohol will not ...
Alcohol Drinker Health Risk

Funny Things People Do After Drinking
Funny Things People Do After Drinking
Drinking is one of the most common habits to get rid of stress and nervousness. While few people drink to get over their stressful lives, there are many who drink for no reason. The concept of boozing is to have fun ...
Diet Which Helps Quit Alcohol
Diet which helps you quit alcohol includes food which is tasty and nutritious. When you diet to quit alcohol you usually crave for sweets, as alcohol contains refined sugar. When you drink alcohol it increases your blood sugar levels. The sugar ...
Quit Alcohol Diet
Living With Alcoholic Wife
How To Deal With An Alcoholic Wife?
An alcoholic wife may be a rarer variety than an alcoholic husband but they cause much more damage to the family than man can ever cause. The woman be it the mother, daughter, wife is the root of the family; if ...
How To Deal With An Alcoholic Husband?
Any normal person would tell you that if your husband is alcoholic then there is no end to your problems. However, no one knows better than you what the unique problems of living with an alcoholic are. It is true that ...
Living With Alcoholic Husband
Diabetes Alcohol Smoking
Smoking And Drinking In Diabetes
Can I have drink when I have Diabetes?Yes, you can. Alcohol is not banned in people with Diabetes; you should know the rule of thumbs. A little alcohol is pleasant, a lot is not regardless of Diabetes and can damage the ...
Are You Suffering From Diabetes?
Who are at risk of Diabetes? Family history of Diabetes is the major risk factor. If you have a family history and your blood sugar is normal, it is advisable to check for Diabetes every year. Sedentary life-style, obesity, smoking, ...
Obesity Risk Symptoms Diagnosis
Weight Loss Beer
Lose Weight With A Glass Of Beer
Beer, the World's most popular drink, can help you to lose weight. This is what has been claimed by a new study.Researchers claim that drinking this Egyptian drink rather than wine could mean losing almost 10lb in a year. The study ...
Pay Close Attention Children
Pay Close Attention To Your Children
Children in middle schools, who are restricted to watch the R-rated movies are less likely to start drinking when compared to the children having parents who are more strict about such films, says a study. The researchers who conducted a ...
Secrets About British Men
A recent study has revealed the secret behind the good looks of British men. It has been reported that British men prefer to spend money on moisturizer rather than booze.British blokes don't mind giving up nights out drinking in favour of ...
British Men Beauty
Moderate Drinking Health Beneficial
Moderate, Regular Drinking Beneficial For Health
Regular and moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for people, who had a previous heart attack or other ischemic vascular events, says the new studies. The moderate consumption, defined as one or two glasses of wine a day or the equivalent amounts ...
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