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Foods To Eat Before Drinking Alcohol
In a world of today, you will find a lot of youngsters getting themselves drunk before they know it. The only reason why one gets drunk easily is because they consume alcohol on an empty stomach. When you have no food ...
Foods To Eat Before Drinking Alcohol Prevent Hangover
Bizarre Alcohols Around World
Bizarre Alcohols From Around The World
One of the best wines you could ever taste from around the world is snake wine. The snake wine which is preserved in bottles for many years have certain powerful ingredients in them which is used to cure you from all ...
Countries And The Alcohol They Drink
Almost all countries drink alcohol. Except the Islamic countries of the Gulf where consumption of alcohol is prohibited, all most all countries have markets for alcohol. However, what type of alcohol is the point that brings in the difference. People from ...
Countries And Alcohol They Drink
Worlds Best Wines For Gifts
World's Best Wines For Gifts
Have you ever received a gourmet basket with your favourite bottle of wine and other yummy goodies in it? If you love the taste of wine, then you should take a look at some of these best wines in the world. ...
Reasons Why Soda Is Unhealthy For Your Body
When you have hard liquor, the best dilution is soda. This glass of soda is loved by a number of alcohol drinkers since it adds taste to your drink. But the after effect of soda is said to be unhealthy for ...
Reasons Why Soda Is Unhealthy For Your Body
Funniest Things I Have Done When Drunk
Funniest Things I Have Done When Drunk
Ok, let's admit it that there are reasons why drinking is generally frowned upon in most societies, especially Indian. Besides the fact that it is not exactly healthy for our body, alcohol also makes us ignore the sane part of our ...
Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms!
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a difficult situation that has to be faced by people who have been consuming alcohol for weeks, months, or years and then stops or significantly reduce it. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may start as early as two hours ...
Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Signs Of Alcoholism
Watch Out These Signs Of Alcoholism
At most of the occasions, you cannot avoid but land up holding a glass of wine or whiskey. This is more common among working professionals and friends. In official meetings or at parties, you will look odd without holding a glass ...
Effect Of Alcohol On Diabetic
Are you addicted to alcohol and have diabetes too? Then check with your doctors, drinking alcohol if you are diabetic can lead to serious health problems. According to various studies done to see the effects of alcohol on a person suffering ...
Effect Of Alcohol On Diabetes
How To Drink Less Alcohol
How To Drink Less Alcohol?
These days, drinking alcohol has become a trend. Earlier, only adults used to drink but now even youth have started sticking to glasses of alcoholic drinks. There are very few alcoholic beverages that are healthy in some or the other ways. ...
How to clean and store paint brushes ?
Proper cleaning and storage of your paintbrushes is essential for extending their life span. To get maximum value from your expensive brush follow these basic tips<br/><br/><strong>Cleaning the Brush</strong> <...
Malt Whisky
Appreciating Malt Whisky
Enjoy malt whisky as you like - in Spain they drink it with Coke; in Japan long, with ice and water; in the US on the rocks; and in India I've heard of 'half soda-half pani". But to really appreciate the ...
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