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Celebs Who Battled Addictions In Healthy Ways
There are some celebs who are well known for problems with drugs and alcohol. Then again there are some out of the many who have managed to let go of their bad habits and addictions in the most healthy way possible. ...
Celebrities Battled Addiction Healthy Ways
Curb Alcohol Craving Through Food
Curb Your Alcohol Cravings Through Food
When you are young, one of the most common addictions you fondly take up is binging on classic pegs of alcohol. Today, there are more than a million people who are suffering from an alcoholic addiction which is very difficult to ...
Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms!
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a difficult situation that has to be faced by people who have been consuming alcohol for weeks, months, or years and then stops or significantly reduce it. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may start as early as two hours ...
Deal With Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
How Get Rid Lottery Addiction
How To Get Rid Of Lottery Addiction?
Addiction to lottery can make you deteriorate financially, physically, emotionally, and socially. If you notice that your expectation for winning a lottery has created growing and continuing problems in any facets of your life, realize that you are a lottery addict. ...
10 Most Unhealthy Addictions To Avoid
No type of addiction in the world is healthy. Addiction, by definition represents unhealthy behaviour. When you cannot live without a certain food, drug or thing, you are addicted to it. And you are so obsessed with it that you need ...
Ten Most Unhealthy Addictions Avoid
Addictions Planetary Positions
You Can Stay Away From Addiction!
When we decide to paint a picture of an alcoholic, we usually have thoughts on how to portray it. It can be from a behavioral angle, a characteristic angle, based on looks and appearance etc. Mostly, the artist in portrait will ...
Television Addiction: Our Path to Passivity?
Television addiction is not always to do with children. Today, we have a whole generation of smart, upwardly mobile working professionals who have become couch potatoes because of the negative effects of television. Television addiction is not really so different ...
Television Addiction Negative Effects
Caffeine Addiction Symptoms Quit
How To Deal With Caffeine Addiction?
Caffeine addiction is a by-product of our stressful lifestyle. It is only recently that the word 'addiction' is being used in connection with caffeine. However, the side effects of caffeine addiction are so serious that it is apt to label it ...
Does Your Child Have AnAddiction To Television?
You are in the kitchen preparing dinner, your hubby is busy sending reports from the laptop and your child? Well, she has made herself comfortable in front of the television. She is not the one to be blamed though! She has ...
Addiction To Television Parenting Kids 030611 Aid
Tempestt Henderson Soap Addiction 100211 Aid
The Soap Addiction Girl - Tempestt Henderson
Have you ever got addicted to something? There are some people in the world who have uncanny addictions which will blow your mind. Recently it is said that a 19-year-old girl from Florida who goes by the name of Tempestt Henderson ...
Miley Cyrus Does Not Care About Salvia Footage
Recently, TMZ posted a video of Miley Cyrus smoking Salvia, which went on to be the a huge show across the world. Miley Cyrus, however, has revealed that she does not care of being caught smoking salvia. After watching Miley Cyrus ...
Miley Cyrus Salvia Footage Dont Care
Justin Bieber Mother Alcoholic
Justin Bieber's Mother 'Was' An Alcoholic
Justin Bieber seems to be in a state where he his evaluating his and his family's lifestyle. Earlier he made a claim that he is suffering from 'attention deficit disorder', which makes him loose attention in a short span of time ...
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