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Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cause Abortion?
The emergency contraceptive pill that you can have if your contraception fails accidentally was a great invention. But for some reason, the morning after pill has always been shrouded in controversy. Initially, it was rejected as an abortion pill for religious ...
Does Emergency Contraceptive Pill Cause Abortion

Abortion Methods You Can Try At Home
9 Abortion Methods You Can Try At Home
The word 'abortion' usually fills a woman's heart with fear and regret. However, in certain conditions, it is necessary. If you are emotionally, financially and physically unable to continue with an unplanned pregnancy, then abortion is your only resort. Some abortion ...
Do You Face Pregnancy Problems After Abortion?
Abortion is something that is unpleasant but sometimes necessary. Termination of a pregnancy is sometimes the only choice left to you due to your health problems or because the pregnancy is totally unplanned. Thus, abortion is a reality that cannot be ...
Do You Face Pregnancy Problems After Abortion
Is Abortion Due To No Heartbeat Right
Is Abortion Due To No Heartbeat Right?
When you conceive for the first time, you are full of dreams and apprehensions. You are still unsure of yourself and have so many different questions. Most of the time, you have to believe what your doctor tells you. It is ...
Side Effects Of Popping Contraceptive Pills
There are times when you end up having unprotected sex or the protections do not work cent percent. Tho avoid an unwanted pregnancy, you pop in a contraceptive pill that will help you at that moment. These pills are easily available ...
Side Effects Contraceptive Pills
Foods Abort Pregnancy Naturally
Foods To Abort Pregnancy Naturally
An unplanned pregnancy can be a real shock. You might not have expected but confirmation news of your pregnancy can really depress you especially if it is unplanned. Most woman who have unplanned pregnancy plan to terminate naturally. Using herbs and ...
Dealing With Stress After Induced Abortion
Induced abortion can be a trauma. There have been many debates surrounding the topic of abortion. Some researches have shown that there is no significant emotional changes in women who have gone through induced abortion. However, most of the studies have ...
Dealing With Stress After Induced Abortion
Induced Abortions Facts You Need To Know
Induced Abortion: Facts You Need To Know
A procedure to end a pregnancy undertaken by a woman with the help of medical system is called an induced abortion. An abortion which occurs spontaneously, without any external influences is called a miscarriage. With regards to induced abortion, the termination ...
Abortion Methods: Which Ones Are Safe?
Abortion is something most people look at with fear and anxiety. Actually, abortion is a very easy procedure provided you use the right methods. Many women do not opt for safe abortion options due to various reasons and thus end up ...
Abortion Methods Which Ones Are Safe
Herbal Abortion Methods That Are Safe
Herbal Abortion Methods That Are Safe
There is nothing scarier for a woman in this world than to have an unwanted pregnancy. When your mind and body is not prepared for a pregnancy, you should not go ahead with it at all. But once you are pregnant, ...
Celebrities Who Had Abortion n Confessed
Celebrities who had abortions rarely come out into the open and talk about it. With the kind of lifestyle that celebrities lead and the specific demands of their profession, it is not very hard to end up with an unwanted pregnancy. ...
Celebrities Who Had Abortion Confessed
Reasons For Constipation After Abortion
Reasons For Constipation After An Abortion
Having a surgical abortion is a traumatic experience. These days, unplanned pregnancies can be terminated with the help of pills. Medical abortion is required only in cases where there is some severe complication with the pregnancy. Even as you are coping ...
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