What Does A Kiss On The Forehead Mean?

What does a kiss on the forehead mean? Well, men express their seriousness and attachment through a kiss on the forehead. Read on to know about the meanings of other types of kisses.

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Men generally kiss on the forehead to convey their affection and attachment towards a partner. In fact, there are so many types of kisses and each of them have a specific meaning.

Of course, those meanings are actually attributed to kisses. A kiss is the body's way of communicating overwhelming love.

In this post, let us discuss about certain types of kisses and what they actually convey.

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Kiss On The Forehead

A man kisses on the forehead only if he is really serious about a woman.

Kiss On The Cheek

This is more like a friendly gesture. Or it is a casual way of expressing "I like you".

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Kiss On The Hand

This is a gesture to show adoration. In some cases, even respect is conveyed through a kiss on the hand.

Kiss On The Neck

A kiss on the neck is more like the starting point of foreplay.

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Kiss On The Shoulder

This is a gesture to convey the person that he or she is perfect.

Kiss On Lips

This is the universal way of saying "I love you".

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Kiss On The Waist

This is like seeking permission to undress someone.

Eskimo Kiss

This kiss involves rubbing noses with partner. It is just a cute way to convey affection.

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Kiss On The Ear

This is a romantic one. The purpose of this kiss is to ignite passion in the partner.

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