How To Flirt Without Being Slapped

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Flirting is injurious to your health especially when you mishandle it. When you carefully handle it, you can get the real high of your life.

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But remember this: nobody can be an expert in flirting and therefore, put aside all the advice that your friends give. Many factors play a role in the whole process of flirting and only when things go good, you will be safe.

If you make any mistake, you will be slapped. Firstly, never flirt with a stranger. Just because a woman responds positively when you talk to her, it doesn't mean that she can tolerate if you flirt.

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Also, if you take chances with a female friend of yours, she might think that you are a creep and stay away from you permanently. So, let us explore a safer process.


Step #1

Start with eye contact flirting for a few days. When you like someone, communicate the same in the safest way using your eyes. Just look at her for a few consecutive seconds every day when she is around.


Step #2

Sense her reactions through her body language. If she's interested, her body language can tell it. Also, if she smiles at you, that could be a signal that she is enjoying your attention. But again, don't jump into conclusions so fast.


Step #3

Approach her and make her talk. Gradually as you feel safer, try to approach her and ask a random question. It could be about weather, the bus timings, or the new government policies or even the cricket score- anything that makes her talk.


Step #4

Sense her reactions. When she talks, does she look irritated or does she take special interest in answering your silly questions? You need to know how to sense her reactions or else you are unfit for flirting.


Step #4

Make her laugh. During your conversation, try to show your sense of humour without looking too silly or desperate. It might work and you will know if it works.


Step #6

Make her feel comfortable in your presence. Yes, it could take time. Don't be in a hurry. Unless she feels comfortable, you can't go to the next step.


Step #7

Give slight hints of interest. Once she is comfortable, you can give passive signals about your interest. Never use pickup lines or other stock words you find in the Internet. They turn women off. Be creative and use your own imagination. Even if you fail, you will look original and authentic.


Step #8

Start mild flirting. Once you reach this stage, try to start flirting mildly. If she is already tuned to you, take the flirting to the next level.


Step #9

What if she gets angry and shows her fist to you? Well, it means you have messed up something somewhere. Say sorry and move on. Try your luck elsewhere or wait till you get married.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 11:27 [IST]
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