How To Know If She's Thinking About You

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You know what? Almost all of us do have the capacity to feel the emotional state of mind of a person who is very close to us. Of course, if both of you are deeply connected to each other, you can feel each other's presence even from a distance.

In fact, the reason why you're thinking about your girlfriend deeply is because you are carrying her emotional states inside your mind, which means you are feeling her inside you.

Now, if you are wondering whether she's thinking about you, then there are some signs to recognise. But firstly, your mind needs to be clutter-free. When her thoughts suddenly hit your mind, when you are not thinking about her consciously, then it could be one sign that she's thinking about you.

Now, let us know about others signs that indicate she's thinking about you.

Sign #1

When you think of her and suddenly sneeze, it could mean that she's thinking about you in a good way. If you have two sneezes then it could mean she hates you. If you sneeze three times immediately after thinking about her then your relationship could strengthen.

Sign #2

When you are thinking about her and your palms feel itchy, it could mean that she too likes you. In other cases, itchy left palm could mean loss of money and itchy right palm could mean profit.

Sign #3

The most popular sign is the hiccup. When you get hiccups when you are thinking about her, it means she's also thinking about you.

Sign #4

When you are eating something and suddenly the food gets choked in your throat making you cough, it could mean that she's thinking about you. If the cough is persistent then it could mean that she is getting ready for a quarrel with you.

Sign #5

If your left eye twitches, it means she hates you or you might face a minor issue with her. If your right eye twitches then it could mean she likes you.

Sign #6

When you yawn while thinking about her, it could mean that she doesn't have a good opinion on you. But don't worry as a yawn could also mean that you are sleepy.

Sign #7

If you feel an itchy sensation in your left ear while thinking about her, it could mean she hates you and is trying to speak ill about you. But if your right ear feels that sensation then she may be in love with you and is speaking well about you.

Sign #8

When your cheeks experience a burning sensation, it could mean that she is thinking negatively about the relationship. Be careful she might slap you soon!

Ignore all of the above indications as they might be superstitions. But sensitive people who can practice mindfulness can make sense of such minor indications. But still, viewing everything in a positive way is more important than anything else.

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