A Man Was Exposed Live On Social Media

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When you go through a breakup it hurts a lot, but when somebody cheats in the relationship, things get nasty and only make matters worse.

Generally people who get cheated are heartbroken and there are few who do try to ruin the person's life as who has cheated them.

Here in this article, we bring you a case of two girls who caught their man cheating on them at the same time and they exposed him live on social media.

Find out about the story of the man who was left with a red face for two timing and how well girls can take revenge if they are really hurt.

This story went viral and the man had begged the women to take down the video as he had been abused by many for doing such a disgraceful thing.
Check it out...

Scene #1

The scorned-exs teamed up to confront the man who had been two-timing both these women and they decided to broadcast the whole thing on Facebook Live.

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Scene #2

When one of the woman checked his phone she found that he exchanged messages with other woman. She instantly got in touch with the "other woman" and hatched a plan to publicly humiliate the cheating boyfriend.

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Scene #3

They invited him over to one of their houses one evening and told him that he had a surprise but when he arrived he was greeted by the two of them and a camera phone.

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Scene #4

The girls giggled into the camera as they greeted him, the man stood at the door holding his takeaway food.

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Scene #5

The man continued to stand quietly as the women went on to reveal about other girls he was chatting with. After giving him a earful they asked him to leave... Sad for the man as he left with an embarrassing face...

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Story first published: Friday, August 26, 2016, 1:06 [IST]
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