Surprising Ways To Up Your Fertility Levels

Some simple tips may do also do wonders in boosting fertility in women. Read on to know those tips...

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To conceive, your body should be fertile. In today's world, both the environment and lifestyles have become toxic and remaining fertile has also become a challenge.

When you are planning for a baby, make small changes to favour your body so that it can boost the fertility levels and make it easy to conceive.

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Here are some such simple tips to follow after consulting your doctor.

Tip #1

First, try to get rid of the parasites in your body. Consume a small piece of garlic and a clove once a day.

Tip #2

Ask your husband to take zinc supplements if your doctor permits. Zinc is said to help in boosting sperm count.

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Tip #3

Consult your doctor and find ways to boost the quality of the cervical mucus. Taking supplements of vitamin A may help.

Tip #4

Consume herbal tea twice a day and ensure that your digestive system is healthy.

Tip #5

Beat stress. Meditate or find other ways to relax and forget about stress.

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Tip #6

Add cruciferous vegetables to your diet in order to keep your metabolism in good state.

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Tip #7

Ensure that your colon is cleansed occasionally. You can consume wheat grass juice for that.

Tip #8

Eat green leafy vegetables, eggs and fish to keep your ovulation cycle harmonious.

Tip #9

Keep the alkaline balance of your body in the right level by eating enough fruits, vegetables and sprouts.

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