Most Colourful Places Around The World!

These places are so mesmerising that you would be amazed to know how beautiful and colourful our planet is. Check out some of the most colourful places around the world!

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With so many things continuously evolving around us and natural forests being destroyed and concrete jungles coming up, there are very few ways in which one is able to appreciate the beauty of this planet.

There are a couple of places around the world, that can simply mesmerise you and make you forget about the worldly tensions and make you feel that you need to settle in there!

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These places are so colourful that one can never get enough of being around there.

Check out the most colourful places around the world and add them to the list of your wishlist!

Most Photographed Street In Copenhagen

This street was earlier frequented by sailors and packed with seedy taverns. Now, it is a modern hub where locals come to relax and families mix with designers and artists.
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Little India

'Little India' which is in Singapore is known for its colourful buildings. One of the standout pieces of architecture in this place is 'The House of Tan Teng Niah'. It was built in 1900 as an eight-room villa for Tan Teng Niah's wife and is the most famous tourist spot of this place.
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This place is a modern and traditional blend in the beautiful capital of Greenland. Wilderness and culture combined, make this place a perfect spot for your holidays!
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The Venetian Island

This place is quite unique and colourful as every house here has a different colour. The houses are painted to make each street look like a rainbow and it is the most colourful place in the world.
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Buenos Aires' Most Colourful District

La Boca in the Buenos Aires is famous for its colourful houses, its tango and its soccer team. This place is the one spot that's on every visitor's to-do list as it is simply amazing!
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Santa Marta Favela - Most Colourful Slum

Michael Jackson's famous song "They Don't Care About Us" was filmed in this most colourful slum! It is also the steepest and the most colourful slum in Rio, Brazil.
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The Saguaro Hotel - Most Colourful Hotel

This famous hotel opened its colourful doors in 2012. This luxury hotel has 245 rooms, 7,500 square feet of meeting space, a pool, two whirlpools and a spa. It also has a fitness centre, a restaurant and two bars. Must say everything here that you would see is quite colourful and vibrant.
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A Low Income Neighborhood Turned Into A Giant Mural

This is a place in Mexico where the Mexican authorities had apparently invited one local street artist collective to create what they claim is the country's largest mural. It was completed by the German Crew and this impressive piece of art is titled "El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas."
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