Heartbreaking Goodbyes Of Pets & Their Owners

These are some of the most heartbreaking goodbye images of pets and their owners.

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Having a pet is one of the best things in the world. Within no time, they become inseparable from us and become a part of our family. But what happens when you have to say goodbye to your pet? It hurts a whole lot!

We, here at Boldsky, are sharing some of the heartbreaking goodbyes of pets and their owners. These images describe as to how the owners and the pets spent the last moments of the pets, and this is something really special, as the strong affectionate bond between the two can be seen very well.

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Check out the interesting stories of pets who spent their last moments with their owners and vise versa of pets paying homage to their owners.

Read on to find out more about these heart-warming stories.

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Figo & Kentucky Police Officer Jason Ellis

Figo, a K-9 officer paid his last respect to his fallen human partner, Kentucky police officer, Jason Ellis. The officer and Figo had shared a strong emotional bond and this image of Figo paying last respect to the officer surely can melt anyone's heart.

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Ryan Jessen From California

It was a heartbreaking moment when a dog was allowed to say a final goodbye to her dying owner in a hospital. The owner was hospitalised with a ventricular brain haemorrhage and did not recover from it. Along with the family members, even their pet dog was allowed to pay his last respects.

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A Fish Named "Top"

A little boy bid farewell to his favourite fish named "Top" with a standard bathroom funeral. Once the fish drained out, the kid started to cry, just going on to show what is love all about. Check out the heart-melting video here.

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Zoo Maintenance Worker & His Giraffe

This 54-year-old zoo maintenance worker was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had apparently spent his life working cleaning the animals. His last wish was to visit the zoo. One of the giraffes came closer to him and gave him a goodbye kiss.

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The Girl & Her Dog

This little girl was seen spending the last moments of her pet dog, Jaden, who breathed his last with his owner beside him. The pet has been by the side of the girl since her birth and she was immensely attached to it. She kissed his forehead and stroke his head just moments before he passed away.

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Wagner Figueiredo de Lima & His Horse, Sereno

The Brazilian man's sudden death in a traffic accident left his horse emotional. The horse was brought to the funeral by the owner's brother, as he knew the special bond they shared. The moment the horse arrived at the casket, the horse knew Lima was inside and he placed his head against the coffin.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 17:14 [IST]
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