Freaky Pieces of Anatomy Jewellery

These designers have defined human anatomy with pieces of jewellery in a very fine way and added a realistic touch to it. Some of the jewellery is really creepy! Check them out.

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Anything can be made into jewellery and these artists just prove that! These are some of the most bizarre pieces of jewellery that have been trending off late.

Here are some of the most freaky pieces of human anatomy jewellery that are driving the world crazy.

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These bizarre looking pieces of jewellery not only look freaking crazy, but are also made using the real body parts like the tooth!

Check out this interesting list of bizarre jewellery items that people are flaunting these days!

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Beth Croce's Uterus Necklace

This uterine necklace by artist Beth Croce is sure to be a conversation starter. You can check some of her interesting jewellery as the artist is quite amazed with the human body!
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Extollo Jewellery Toothy Creations

These designers make jewellery from real human teeth. The pieces of jewellery include necklaces, bracelets and earrings that will have people smiling and screaming in equal measure.
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Peggy Skemp's Anatomical Lockets

These designer lockets come in the form of brains, hearts and lungs. The brain is a great place to store your secrets while you cannot put things in the lung or heart locket as it is filled with odd nooks and crannies.
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OS Accessories' Vertebrae Necklace

This cool looking vertebrae necklace looks great. On a lighter note this is a perfect accessory for those who are often told that they do not have a spine!
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Jessica Marie's Teeth-Filled Vagina Necklace

This crazy labia is made a little less enticing as it has razor sharp snaggleteeth that are shooting out of it. This weird looking labia will surely give one nightmares as it is quite scary.
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