Famous Weird Fake Things People Did!

People have faked the world in some of the weirdest ways. Check out some of the famous weird things that people have done to fake others.

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There are many cheaters around the world and they find some of the weirdest and easiest ways to fool people.

In some of these cases, people have even crossed their humanity levels by shaving the fur of cats and have sold them as Sphinxes!

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Check out some of the most bizarre things that people have done to fool other people around.

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PS: There are a few funny incidents as well! Read on to know more.

A Woman Shaved Kittens & Sold Them As Sphinxes!

An unidentified heartless woman shaved kittens and sold them to people who believed that the kittens were Sphinxes. She posted ads for selling hairless Sphinxes for just $650. When people would approach her to investigate on this, she would pretend to be in a hurry and would leave the place soon. No case was registered against her due to lack of evidence.

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Fake US Embassy That Handed Visas For A Decade!

A fake US embassy that was running for 10 years in Ghana turned out to loot people in a very brilliant way. Even though the embassy was handing over the real visas (all thanks to their connections with the Government sources), they were caught and had to shut down after the sources let down their secret of the whole operation.

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Man Hires A Family To Prank Relatives

Josh Brassow wanted to send across some fake Christmas cards to his conservative family. He posted an ad on his Facebook for a woman with children that would agree to pose with him for a Christmas card. He clicked with a mother and two sons and in no time his story went viral and the whole world had a hearty laugh!

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Woman Makes Fake License Plate For Car

Police pulled over a Massachusetts woman driving with a drawing on the license plate and putting it on her car. It was not surprising that she was driving on a suspended license. She was charged later for the same.

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A Man Faked 31 Boarding Passes!

This Malaysian man named "Raejali Buntut" overslept in the Singapore airport lounge and missed his flight. He lived at the Changi airport for 18 days by downloading fake boarding passes and manipulating them with the help of the Photoshop software. He made 31 passes in total and used them to go in and out of the lounges in all the 3 terminals. He was later caught by the staff who found him in the same lounge a few days earlier.

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Physicists Fake Human Sacrifice Video

An organization was agitated when a fake video of human sacrifice was performed in their campus. The video was shot by an onlooker who shot it at the climax. Watch the video below. Warning: foul language!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 11:56 [IST]
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