Bizarre Stories Of Animals Getting Stuck

Animals are often found to be restless and the end result is, they may get stuck in some of the most bizarre places while on the go. Check out the results.

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Animals are always a little more excited than needed. This adds on to their cute nature, but what happens when they are a little too excited than usual? The result would definitely be something embarrassing to such poor animals.

Here are some of the most hilarious, funny and a few serious cases where animals have got stuck in some of the most bizarre ways!

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These are definitely quite embarrassing yet painful places where these cute little creatures have got themselves stuck. Read on!

A Pup Who Got Stuck In The Pipeline!

This 6-month-old pup got stuck in a pipeline for 6 long hours. The owner tried coaxing the pup to come out, unless she stopped hearing his voice. After a point, she called in for help and the pup was brought out after they broke open the pipeline.
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A Cat That Was Trapped In A Garage Door!

This image will surely make one think if the cat even survived or what happened to it. Apparently, the cat is believed to have been sleeping on top of the door when the owners closed the door and left. She was saved by the construction workers.
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A Cow Is Rescued From A Swimming Pool

A couple called in for help when they heard a 'snorting' sound from their swimming pool. A cow was found in a 5-feet-deep swimming pool and was in danger of experiencing hypothermia. The water was drained out from the pool and the cow was later pulled out to safety.
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Skunk Who Got Its Head Stuck In A Soda Can!

A Canadian man bravely removed the soda can from the head of a skunk. This young guy, who saved the skunk from the agony, posted a video of the same and named it as the bravest thing that he had ever done before!
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A Cow That Was Found To Be Stuck In The Trunk Of A Tree

This cow got its head stuck in a tree, and it had to be sedated before the rescue team could cut the tree to free her. As luck was on her side, she escaped with minute injuries and recovered soon!
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Cat Who Got Her Head Stuck In A Bin!

This cat's head was caught in the drainage hole of a communal bin when she was hunting for her food. She was saved by the firefighters, as they helped her out by cutting open the drainage hole.
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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 16:51 [IST]
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