When Parents Turned Careless With Kids

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Parenting is not as easy as it looks, and being a perfect parent does take a lot of patience. However, there are a few parents out there who just need to be knocked down and given serious parenting guidelines.

In this article, we are here to share some of the most hilarious yet blood-boiling pictures, in which the parents have taken their little angels for granted. This is all about parents who are careless with their kids.

Though some of these images are for fun, there are a few that may make you go bonkers on such nuisance parents.

So, check out for these interesting pictures and judge for yourself if the kids need to be sent to a care centre or the parents to an asylum! Find out.


Hey dad, think twice before stoning yourself, especially when you have your little girl sitting right on your shoulders!


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Oh dad, hold on to that kid. He's still young to learn the photography skills!

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Can somebody take away the gun from the little girl's hand! Hope the dog was unharmed in the scene.

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Poor boy must be so traumatised after being left out in the cold without anything.

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We just hope that the gun is a toy gun! Seriously!!

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This must have been fun, but not until the kid is covered up in that wrap of plastic. Poor boy looks so disturbed.

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I just wish the kid did not make any move and the blocks were safely removed from the forehead of the kid.

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Hey, dad! You think you're a Ninja? Handle the child with care at least.

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The child must have grown up to be a good smoker by now!

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Hope this was just a photo-edit! But, unfortunately it is not!

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Somebody take away the kid from the stove right away! How the hell can these parents come up with such ideas!

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What did this parent even think of while keeping the little one in the oven? Somebody shoot the parent right away.

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