What Indians Do On The Day Of India-Pak Match

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When it is an India-Pakistan match that is going on, you can see all the people around you being pumped up for sure. This is the time when most of them, infact all of them, become extra-active on social sites.

Creating new hastags to bleeding blue, you'll get to see what the things people love to do in cheering for their men in blue, specially if they are playing against the rival team.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that fans usually do on the day of an India-Pak match.

From offices arranging for TV sets or projectors just during the match to the whole society assembling at one's place to cheer is a never-ending sensation that people share when it comes to the cricket fever.

Fans can go crazy if their opponents win. It all starts with throwing of water bottles, slippers, food or chip packets or any possible thing that comes handy. This is a common sight one can watch out for during these matches.

So, find out what the Indian fans do during an India-Pakistan match and don't forget to bleed blue, guys!!

Swear A Lot!

All the beep words you get to hear around you when a crucial over is taking place is a common thing you can experience. We bet we all do swear when we're excited and tensed at the same moment.

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Nothing Else Exists This Day

The entire world can wait until the match gets over. You would never see any fan do anything else apart from staring at the idiot box! Loo breaks are also taken only during the over breaks of the match!!

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Do Jugaad

You're facing power cuts at your place while watching this important match? Tension mat lo yaar.. You always have your friend's place or the rich neighbour whom you suddenly feel so close to. Watch it in their house.

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Superstitious Beliefs

If you calling out a player's name while he is batting makes him hit a six, we think it is because you called out his name. These kind of lame beliefs pop up suddenly in our little brains!

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Burst Crackers

Bursting crackers has become a ritual. Once a wicket is down, you burst and when your team finally wins the match, then it is DIWALI around you.

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You always have that black sheep in your friend's gang who supports the rival team. This is the best time to bet with them and get the most expensive stuff when your team wins.

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What a better way to enjoy the match than having a chilled beer and seeing the match on the big screen. Nothing else seems perfect than this, right guys?


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