Weirdest Places Where People Have Hidden Drugs

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People who are addicted to drugs find ways to get their stuff. Finding unique ways to smuggle the actual stuff is something that one should notice.

Here, in this article, we've shared information on some of the weirdest places where people have hidden drugs and have smuggled them. These are the people who have come up with the most bizarre and uncanny ways to hide drugs.

From hiding drugs in kid's lollipops to getting fake breast implants that weighed a whopping 1.7 kg, these people have tried their best to smuggle drugs!

One would be surprised to know how cleverly these drugs have been hidden and with what a technique these people have smuggled their goods.

Find out more about the weirdest places where people have hidden drugs that will totally amaze you.

Roasted Chicken

This was an easy way to smuggle marijuana inside a prison. During the visiting hours, an inmate got a special gift of roasted chicken. But on a closer inspection, the police found out that the roasted chicken was stuffed with marijuana. The person who got the special gift was also arrested.

Trojan Horses

The Border Protection officer arrested a man who was trying to walk on foot through a border checkpoint in Calexico, California. When they checked him, they found two Trojan horses. The police dogs alerted the presence of drugs, which made the officers drill them. They found 10 packs of cocaine that weighed almost 29 pounds.

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Breast Implants

A Venezuelan woman had hidden 1.7 kg of cocaine in her breast implants and she was arrested at Madrid airport. She had arrived on a flight from Colombia. When authorities found irregularities in her breast, they suspected it could have something. She later admitted of carrying cocaine in her breast implants.

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Prosthetic Leg

A 40-year-old man was smuggling prescribed drugs in his prosthetic leg when he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. He was charged with promoting prison contraband.

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Children's Lollipops

Smugglers had stashed around £200,000 worth of drugs inside the lollipops that were found in a suitcase. When examined, it was revealed that it contained the purest form of cocaine and weighed approximately 4 kg!

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Chocolate Icing

When the U.S. Customs officers used an X-ray on a tub of chocolate icing after finding some irregularities, they checked it to only find 2.5 pounds of heroin inside the chocolate icing. This is one of the most bizarre ways of smuggling drugs.

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Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2016, 12:19 [IST]
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