Weirdest Items That Women Have Used To Masturbate

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When it comes to sex, we often see that people shy away from discussing about it. However, we are always curious about what's done behind the scene.

So, here we bring to you the dark secrets women have shared about their fetish of excelling in finding pleasure through masturbation.

In this article, we are here to share about the weirdest items that women have used to masturbate.

When it comes to feeling hot or having a crazy thought in mind to explore their body while getting satisfied, sometimes one does not realise that they're crossing their limits.

Exploring new desires and ways to satisfy oneself is always welcomed, but, dear ladies, do take care of the tools that you use for that purpose.

When a man thinks about the things that a woman uses for masturbation, it is always about bananas, cucumbers and any possible thing that resembles "the part".

So, find out about these unique items that women have used to masturbate and feel satisfied.

Toy Drumstick

Hell, yeah! Now, every time you look at a toy drumstick, the thought of it being used will haunt your minds. But yes, there are a few wild women out there who love using this.

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I swear every time you hold a marker pen, this thought will chock you, as somewhere out there in this big insane world, a girl must be exploring herself with this very tool.

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Bedpost Ball

Once a girl confessed that she saw her bedpost ball move, as the screw had become loose. Alas, what the girl did with this is something crazy. Hey lady, spare the furniture at least!

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Hairbrush Handle

Oh, ladies! Please do spare these little things at least! A woman once said that it does give you the exact pleasure of "the real thing" when it's all hard!

Bubble Wand

Oh, Lord! This will totally ruin a child's brain. Using the tip of a bubble wand does satisfy many. But please don't try this at home!

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Glow Stick

What better way to have fun with a glow stick in night to satisfy yourself. Yes there are few chicks who have tried using these sticks as tools.

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Squiggle Wiggle Pen

This magic pen which was a craze during our childhood was ruined by the thought of making it a tool for masturbation.

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A Curling Wand

Ohh boy just imagine if this wand is hot! Lolz you would really feel hot out there. Okay on a serious note there are women out there who like to experiment with these.
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A Light Saber

A girl had confessed of using her younger brother's light of saber during the nights. Later when her brother felt it smelled fishy she gave up.
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A Clay Penis

Okay who ever wanted to use this did have a creative and a wicked mind. But lady do be careful while you use this clay model as it can crack and break!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 23:47 [IST]
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