Weirdest Fetish People Have In This World!

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There are a number of fantasies that people have and they are not related to just our dreams and goals.

These fantasies can be those silent whispers that we would love to share with our partner while we get intimate with them.

In this article, we are here to share some of the weirdest fetish that people have in this world. And most of these fantasies can even make you wonder as to how can anyone even imagine something as absurd as this!

Few people have fantasies of making love on a water bed or on a hill rock. These kind of fantasies are still understandable, but the ones mentioned in this article may even make you feel sick.

So, find out about the craziest fantasies that people share and these bizarre fetish may even make you think twice before getting intimate!


This is a weird fetish people have. They would get up and get close to the person whom they find to be sexually aroused with by licking their eyeball. It supposedly gives one an intense pleasure. Wonder who wants to get a "Poker Eye"?

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The whole idea of being tickled with feathers on your feet can give a sexual arousal feeling for some, but don't you think the very thought of being tickled by a feather can give you goosebumps?

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Flatulence Fetishism

This is the weirdest of all the sexual fantasies that one can ever imagine. People tend to get turned on when they imagine somebody farting on their face. We wonder what would happen if there was some shit that came along their fart too!! Just LOLZ :)

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This is a weird fetish young lads had a few years back when they imagined saving a girl from quickstand. It was a way to show how strong and resourceful boys are when compared to girls.

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People tumbling down the staircase can be funny at times. But, have you heard somebody getting aroused when they have a fall from the staircase? Well, this condition is known as "Climacophilia".

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When you see a person struggling to hold onto their pee, it may make you feel uncomfortable; however, there are a few people out there who do get aroused seeing others hold their pee! Well, this condition does exist!

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This is generally seen in people who are very conscious about their figure or are strippers. They love to have sex or perform sexual acts in front of mirrors.

If you have any suggestions on this, do share them with us in the comment section.

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Story first published: Monday, March 7, 2016, 17:39 [IST]
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