Weirdest Body Transformations People Have Done

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There are many things that we have always wished to do. Things like having a belly piercing or getting inked are some of the wishes we all have had at some point or the other in our lives.

However, do you realise that there are certain people out there who have gone to the extreme level to transform themselves to either look like their favourite animal or cartoon?

Imagine having to live like an animal!! Well, what can we say, World is a strange place to live in, after all.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of a few of the weird cases in which people have gone to the extent of getting 99.2% of their body tattooed or have got piercings done that look awfully painful.

So, find out more about these interesting, and a few disgusting, cases of people who have damaged their beautiful bodies just for the sake of their weird passion. Check em' out!


He wanted to be like "Shrek", but unfortunately, he looks so scary with all the unwanted bumps on his forehead and piercings on his face. With these many studs on his face, we are sure he has tough time travelling and specially when he's at the airport due to the metal detectors.

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Bull Wannabe

Yeah, we know there are many people out there who love piercing their nose, but this guy took it to a whole new level with that heavy nose ring. Imagine him sneezing and his brain coming out or the ring hitting him back. Whatever it is, both ways, it looks highly painful!

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He Wanted To Be A Frog

This is the weirdest of all the body modifications you can see. He has an ear piercing so big that he can fit a big paper cup or insert his whole arm through the hole. His expressions do tell us how happy and proud he feels with his modifications.

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Lizard Man

Eric Sprague is also known as the Lizard Man who has dedicated his life to his passion of entertaining people around. One should respect this man totally, as he has made these modifications just to pursue his passion, unlike the rest of them who have done it for a mere purpose of fun.

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Stalking Cat

The love for cats is clearly seen on this man's face! Dennis Avner is also known as the Stalking Cat. He is believed to have undergone most of the modifications one can ever undergo, all this just to look like his favourite animal - cat. And yes, his efforts are seen.

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Zebra Man

Horace Ridler was also known as the "Zebra Man". He was an inspiration for sideshow performers. This man did not have any tattoos on his body till he was in his twenties. He pursued his passion for tattoos and got his body modifications done to look like a Zebra Man. He died at the age of 77.

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Tiger Lady

Her real name is Katzen and she is known as the Tiger Lady. She had her tattoos made as a self-awareness thought and for self-knowledge. She claims that she was hardly five when she wanted whiskers like a Tiger and she had no idea about what tattoos were back then. She is claimed to be the most beautiful Tiger Lady to be alive.

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Leopard Man

His real name is Tom Leppard. He claims to have a peaceful life where he can survive all alone. A report claimed that 99.0% of his body is covered with tattoos. He has been living in the city of Bradford. He is still a solitary soul who does not require any TV or Radio for his entertainment.

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